9 August 2018

Why email communication is still so popular nowadays

Although there are many new forms of communication in our time, email remains the most important and most widespread. Popularity is so high that there is […]
8 August 2018

How 5 simple ideas created a campaign that earned 0.75€ per email

Some of the most successful email marketing campaigns are based on very simple ideas. In the following article, we describe a real case where, with little […]
8 August 2018

The importance of Landing Pages in Email Marketing

You set your campaign goal, designed your newsletter, and sent it to your subscribers. The title of the subject, its content and your message persuaded the […]
6 August 2018

5 tips to build a relationship of trust with your subscribers

So far we have reported on best practices for building and modifying newsletters >, as well as statistics that show the success or failure of an […]
6 August 2018

Email Marketing or Google AdWords? What method to follow?

Regardless of the size of your business, those who are interested in the best marketing methods that will drive more and more to your website and […]
6 August 2018

How to Combine Email Marketing with Google AdWords

Along with Email Marketing, AdWords – Google’s advertising service – is a powerful tool Online Marketing. More and more companies in our country use it to […]
6 August 2018

7 tips for your Christmas Email Marketing campaigns

The holiday season is approaching fast. Normally you should have already organized both your strategy and the design of your email for the holiday season. Have […]
6 August 2018

Does Email Marketing have value for small businesses?

For many small business owners the concept of Digital Marketing in general but especially Email Marketing is a fear. Whether ignorant or biased, it combines it […]