5 tips to build a relationship of trust with your subscribers

So far we have reported on best practices for building and modifying newsletters >, as well as statistics that show the success or failure of an email campaign. But what is a foundation stone in Email Marketing and it does not show it almost any pointer and no display of an email, as beautiful and attractive as it is made, is the following: The trust you have with your subscribers .

The Importance of Confidence in Email Marketing

The relationship with your subscribers does not differ in many of a human, direct relationship. The steps that build a relationship of trust between two people start from the first meeting, the understanding of each person’s special needs and demands, and their satisfaction, until the behavior changes towards them.

The trust factor plays the same role between a company and its prospective customers if they are targeting and winning new clients but also keeping them in the long run. Nobody buys products or uses services from someone they can not trust!

Email Marketing is a useful tool for promoting and selling products. The bet for you is through it to win and maintain your audience’s trust. But how do you inspire trust through your newsletters to an individual, for whom all you know is his email address? If you consider the following five tips:


Send your newsletters only to recipients who have agreed to receive email from you

We have repeatedly highlighted – and we will continue to do so – that you only need to send your newsletters to people who have given you your email address . It is extremely annoying for someone to receive newsletters from someone who neither knows nor has given permission to send their emails. It’s like a stranger knocking on your door and wanting to invade your living room. Would you allow it? … The same will happen in your newsletter. It will delete it and consider it spam . So, not only do you lose a potential customer but risk your reputation and credibility. Even worse: You are in danger of being hit by the law , Make sure your subscribers have the content of the newsletters they receive and stay focused

When someone subscribes to your newsletter, they have already trusted you not only with their email address but also that they will receive from you the information that concerns them. Respond to the trust that shows you by sending a welcome email. In this, after you thank him for his registration, just let him know about the content he will receive. On your next missions, stay focused on this targeted content . For example, if someone has subscribed to your list to receive updates about new trends in your domain, do not send product promotions and promotions. All you can do is to become annoying and turn your attention elsewhere.

Personalize your newsletters

Sending personalized email addresses not only the success of an email campaign but also the enhancement of the relationship with your subscribers. For example, naming a name as a sender is an asset that boosts confidence . It is important for the recipient to understand that he is receiving an email from an actual person. Therefore – and as we have already mentioned Make your name, your company name, or both as the sender. Instead, avoid sending general email addresses, such as info@ietairiamou.gr . which cause the feeling of mass and impersonal. Then apply the personalized newsletters practices .
Recognize your mistakes

Customers value companies that admit their errors . If you sent a misleading campaign, incorrect content (e.g., an offer for products that are not available anymore), or at the wrong time (eg an offer you are planning for Christmas in August), do not please feel free to reach out to your subscribers . Consider it as an opportunity to boost their confidence towards you.


In conclusion, your primary goal in Email Marketing should be to consolidate trust between you and your subscribers. Keep in mind that trust today is hard to win and is easily lost . Stay up-to-date and honest with your subscribers and get multiple benefits.


Dimitris Kroggos is SEA consultant, certified Google AdWords Expert.

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