Does Email Marketing have value for small businesses?

For many small business owners the concept of Digital Marketing in general but especially Email Marketing is a fear. Whether ignorant or biased, it combines it with big business, high budgets and big costs. Why, then, invest time and money in this? What will they benefit from? Below you will find answers to these questions as well as how to start Email Marketing simply and at a low cost .

“I have a small business but my profits are few and my future is uncertain. I’m thinking of different ways to promote my products but I do not have much money to invest “. Such and similar thoughts are expressed by many owners of small and medium-sized businesses. Especially in recent years, Crisis has led many of them to marginal survival points – if not closure.

The environment is therefore more difficult and more competitive. It’s imperative to do as many marketing actions as you can, not only to survive but also to grow. Advertising a small mouth-to-mouth business is effective, but it has several limitations. It’s also time to revise classic ways to reach new customers. For example, stop printing brochures, which is accurate and more likely to end up in the trash.

Instead, you turn to electronic solutions. Email marketing is a tool that combines great efficiency and relatively low cost, even if you do not have a website. We have repeatedly highlighted the benefits of Email Marketing , so here are just the main points. Consider initially this: The vast majority of people use email . As a small business owner, surely you also use your email. Same as your potential or existing customers. According to surveys, the average user checks his emails up to three times a day, many but more times throughout the day. Imagine now it was your own email to read. With bulk email, you can reach out to a wide range of existing and potential customers.

Specifically, why is it worth it?

1. It’s affordable

If you promote your website (if you have) through SEO or online advertising is not only expensive but also unknown, Email Marketing is More Economical . All you need is a platform from which you will send your email – like EmailSYSTEM – and the suitable package that meets your needs a> without having to invest a lot of money.

2. It’s neither complicated nor time-consuming

As a business owner you definitely have a lot to do and have a minimum of time. Creating and sending email does not require you to have any special knowledge or spend a lot of time . An email service will solve your hands as it offers many automations and full control of your shipments. So you will send your emails quickly and reliably.

3. It’s the best way to communicate with your customers

Everyday consumers are bombarded by advertising messages on television and radio, from brochures and bothersome phone calls. By email, things are different. The user consciously chooses to open an email and read it . Especially if it comes from a business that is either a subscriber or is generally interested in the products or services it offers. It is therefore more receptive to email content . It is no coincidence that consumers prefer 70% the communication of a company with them via email . With Email Marketing, you can also reach existing and potential customers who are interested in your products or service and at the same time build a trust relationship with them .

How do you get started?

1. Organization

The same challenges a big business has and a small one if it wants to increase its customers and profits. Before you start, a basic requirement is a market survey. Ask yourself: Who are your customers, who are you addressing? What are their needs? Do you cover the full range of their needs? Who are your competitors? At what points do you differentiate from them? These are all very important questions that you need to answer before sending your email.

2. Create email list

There are several ways to to “build” the list of email addresses . Ask friends, relatives and partners and ask for their emails. If you have a website, you can place a registration form on it so that visitors to your website can become your subscribers. If you have a physical store, ask your customers to fill in their email in a brochure or form.

3. Create email and send

As mentioned above, choose a bulk email service, such as EmailSYSTEM . Learn about features and capabilities and choose a which responds to your needs and budget . With simple steps and ready templates, you can create separate emails, completely modified to your preferences and in a very short time . Only your creativity arrives! Even if you have no idea or your time is too limited, ask for help from friends or relatives with knowledge of the Internet. Do not hesitate to contact the specialists to help you set up your email. Beware! Avoid sending via Microsoft Outlook or similar programs , which are not suitable for such use and do not serve your purpose.

In summary, Email Marketing helps a small business to effectively promote its products and services, maintain and increase its clientele and maximize its profits. And this, without requiring the investment of a large sum of money. But beyond that, is a tool that can help achieve a more important goal: in its effort to optimally satisfy its customers . This is why it will only ensure a small business and its survival and growth.


Dimitris Kroggos is SEA consultant, certified Google AdWords Expert.

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