How to Combine Email Marketing with Google AdWords

Along with Email Marketing, AdWords – Google’s advertising service – is a powerful tool Online Marketing. More and more companies in our country use it to promote products and services on the Internet. How can you combine AdWords with Email Marketing?

In our previous article < /a> we compared the two methods and looked at the long-term benefits of Email Marketing vs. AdWords. Today we will see how you can improve the results of your email marketing strategy with the help of Google AdWords Customers .

What is Customer Matching and how does it work?

Two years ago, Google introduced a new tool to AdWords, Customer Match . With this, you can target your advertisers with your ad campaigns by incorporating the list of email addresses you have in AdWords .

How does it work;


  • “Raise” the list of email addresses of your AdWords subscribers

  • The system checks which addresses belong to Google users (after checking, email is deleted by Google within a week)

  • Now you can target your subscribers either by creating new adwords special ad campaigns or by incorporating the list into existing

  • When your subscribers are connected to their Google account and use Google Search, YouTube and Gmail will see your targeted ads.

This is a very effective remarketing method, which can lead subscribers to your website to take action you’ve set, for example, a purchase, a download and so on.

How do I integrate an email address list in AdWords?

Follow these steps:

1. Log in to your AdWords account and click on ‘Shared Library’ in the left bar menu. Then click on ‘Audiences’.

2. You will be taken to the “Audience” page. Click on the MARKETING CHECK LABEL label. From the options that will appear, click on ‘Customer email clients’ addresses.

3. You will be taken to the page below, where you can upload the file with the email list.

4. First give a name to your list.

5. Then upload a .csv file, which must contain the following columns: email, name, surname, country, and zip code (for detailed instructions on file configuration see here ).

6. In “Membership Duration”, select “no expiration” or set a time limit for the validity of your list.

7. Click “Upload & Save List”

You are ready! The system will check what email addresses are for Google users and will show you how many of them you can use for your remarketing list in AdWords and therefore in your ad campaigns. Then you can integrate this list into a new, dedicated campaign targeted to your subscribers or existing ones.

The advantages and disadvantages

A key advantage of this method, is that it’s totally targeted . Many AdWords campaigns, however targeted, are targeted at a general audience, that is to users, whose profile and interests can only be defined in general terms. As a result, campaigns often fail to deliver and raise costs.

With Customer Match, on the contrary, you are embedding in your campaigns a well-known audience that has already shown interest in your products or services, your subscribers. You know their interests or are already your customers. Next to your newsletters and email campaigns, your subscribers receive targeted ads that meet their needs. They are therefore more receptive to taking action , eg a market, depending on the goals you have set.

So you can combine your email campaigns with AdWords. The choices you have are many. You can, for example, divide your subscribers into smaller lists and tailor your email and Adwords campaigns according to their profile .

For example, you can


  • Target your subscribers who, while reading your newletters, have not yet been your customers. Promote a special offer for them by e-mail and through ads, such as free shipping or a first-purchase discount.

  • or target subscribers who are already your customers, where you will be promoting new or similar products and services with both an email campaign and other AdWords ads.

On the other hand, the basic disadvantage of this method is that your ads only appear when your subscribers are logged in to their Google account and do a search on Google, they use Gmail or are on YouTube – at this time, third-party websites and Google’s Display Network are not supported. According to Google , more and more users are surfing the Internet connected to their Google account, especially on their mobile phones.

To sum up, Google AdWords can optimize your email marketing strategy, working complementarily in the performance of your email campaigns. Use Customer Assignment and promote your targeted subscribers to products and services that meet their needs!


Dimitris Kroggos is an SEA consultant, certified Google AdWords Expert

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