How 5 simple ideas created a campaign that earned 0.75€ per email

Some of the most successful email marketing campaigns are based on very simple ideas. In the following article, we describe a real case where, with little effort but method, we helped our client in England to create a campaign that increased monthly subscriptions and renewals and yielded € 0.75 per email. Read about the 5 simple ideas-ways-methods we used to bring this result.

This company provides consulting services to its members in the form of subscription. A big part of the marketing that is targeted is both the growth of new members and the renewal of the existing ones. We were asked to help the company with practical ideas and ways to make more effective and effective use of email marketing.

Idea #1 – Take advantage of market events to reach your goal.

This company will organize a webinar, an internet-based presentation on Brexit, the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The seminar was free for everyone. As expected, it was very popular and the registrations were hundreds. Obviously, the public was interested in being informed about the issue. In addition, the subject of the debate is constantly developing so far, so it was a good opportunity to attract new subscribers.

So we decided to set up an email campaign right after the tutorial . The goal was to bid on everyone who followed it with two basic criteria:


  1. If they eventually attended the tutorial

  3. If they were already members

So we came up with the following bidding plan:

Idea #2 – Subscription renewal packages to everyone

Regardless of when a customer’s subscription expires, the company offered packages with lower renewal costs to those who attended the seminar.

If your business or organization is based on subscription services, it is advisable to offer similar refresh offer packages for everyone, e.g. twice a year. Updates should not depend on when the subscription expires . The rationale is that we are making a profit for our subscriber, because it will make the renewal sooner.

Idea #3 – Immediate build of the newsletter

While the promotional email was following the follow-up with incentives and benefits to subscribers or renewing their subscription, most of the newsletter was created beforehand .
The person in charge of the pension, after attending the seminar, added the additional information, photos, material, etc. and naturally formed the newsletter to be ready to send. Immediately afterwards, we checked all those responsible, each from his own perspective, and within 48 hours all the recipients received it.

Idea #4 – Include customer feedback reviews

Boost your newsletter with testimonials of satisfied customers. It is very important to mention the opinions and criticisms to highlight the value of your service. We’ve often found opinions to convince even the most undecided customers .

Idea #5 – Speak about the benefits of subscribers

Another element that we included in the email content is a short list of the key benefits of service subscribers. Why is someone worth subscribing to the service ? Make a list of 3-4 points and highlight them. This tactic is fundamental to marketing and every company should have such a list.


As mentioned above, the campaign was sent to everyone who participated in the seminar, whether they were attending or not. The total number of recipients was 19,584 email addresses . The final statistics we had were:


  • Open Rate: 20.0%

  • Click-through Rate: 0.9%

  • Click-to-Open Rate: 4.5%

Although the above figures are not too large and certainly not what we expected, the statistics for converting visitors to new subscribers or subscriptions renewals were quite encouraging:

Conversion rates:


  • 0.26% of all recipients subscribed or renewed their subscription.

  • 30% of those who clicked.

Targeted campaigns like the example we’ve described above do not target a very large crowd (under 20,000), but they do well enough with little effort and proper handling.

Our client after this success intends to repeat such campaigns at least 4 times a year after a major event using the same method and tactics.

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