7 tips for your Christmas Email Marketing campaigns

The holiday season is approaching fast. Normally you should have already organized both your strategy and the design of your email for the holiday season. Have not you done it yet? Do not worry! Below you will find 7 tips to help you plan and implement your festivities successfully!

Regardless of whether you have a physical or online store, an informational website, a service provider, or an educational institution, the season is a good time to get in touch with your subscribers . Either to promote your offers, products and services simply to carry your festive greetings, the Christmas season is the ideal time to send your emails.

Christmas campaigns have some peculiarities, which you should consider before sending them. Read our advice and proceed with the appropriate preparation.

1. Analyze the performance of the previous year

To get an idea of ​​how to implement this year’s campaign, go back a year and analyze the email statistics that you sent last year at the same time. Which tactics brought the highest rates Open Rate and Click-Through-Rate ; Which products and services were most widely accepted by your subscribers?

2. Get ideas from your competitors

If you have a physical store, will not you look at how it has embellished its display window or how does the neighboring competitive business promote its products? Do the same and get ideas from your competitors on the internet . Visit their websites and subscribe to their newsletter. Check out their marketing tactics and how they approach the Christmas market and compare them to your own strategy.

3. Make your email responsive

As over 50% of users use their mobile phones for their online purchases and even more read their emails from mobile devices, it is imperative that you take care of your emails are designed to appear correctly . Keep in mind that your subscribers are more on the road and therefore use their mobile phone even more .

4. Keep the theme title

At this time, your inbox subscribers are flooded by email with Christmas offers and advertisements. For this, think deeply about your email theme to stand out from the rest and open . The topic title should be short and clear about email content and also appealing . If it includes the name of the recipient, even better! Do not forget to take care of the preview of the email that gives you more space to emphasize your message.

5. Design: Embellish your festive email!

You have been able to persuade the recipient to open your email. Very nice! And now; Christmas and New Year are a special season and, depending on it, your email is also good. So take care of their festive design and use Christmas templates and images . But you need to be careful if you intend to incorporate animated images into them. Do not overdo it, because they can burden the upload speed of your email. Also, you would not want to tire the reader and distract him from your message.

6. Email Content

At festivals, the time of reading an email is shorter, especially when most are on the road and check their emails from their mobile phones. So limit the length of the text. Instead, give the reader the chance to quickly “scroll” the content with accented words, headlines and bullet points .

Your links must be well organized and functional, that is, lead to the correct landing page . Take care of a distinct button with Call to Action. In terms of text, invest in words that also focus on feeling : Christmas awakens the feelings of joy and hope, we are more eager and more receptive. Make sure your text and titles respond to this need.

7. Select the correct timing

Yes, Christmas is a good time to increase your turnover and profits, as consumption and markets are then rising dramatically. This does not mean you have to send your campaign every 3 hours or every day. All you can do is delete your subscribers from your list or – even worse – delete your email as spam. However, it is good to prepare your subscribers for your Christmas offers from now on and intensify your efforts over the past ten days, creating a sense of urgency for them. Take into account those – not few – who will make their purchases at the last minute and prepare special email for those days.


Dimitris Kroggos is SEA consultant, certified Google AdWords Expert.

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