Why email communication is still so popular nowadays

Although there are many new forms of communication in our time, email remains the most important and most widespread. Popularity is so high that there is a world wondering how many accounts anyone can have.

According to research firm Radicati Group Inc., the number of email users increases geometrically each year and by the end of 2019 it will reach 2.9 billion. One in three inhabitants of the earth will use e-mail by 2019.

Most importantly, popularity grows not only because it likes people to write emails, but because we need them in our online shopping, social media, mobile apps, etc. Our online routine is our digital address. So simple.

Why email is necessary for your business

Let’s look at how a business can benefit from using email. If your business has an online presence, you’ve done everything to get people to visit your site. But what happens when the visitor enters? According to HubSpot, 98% will leave without buying a product or service or even communicating with the company.

It is therefore necessary for the company to build a channel of communication with its current or future customers via email, informing about offers, events and new products. So the prospective client will return to its site targeted and is much more likely to buy a product.

In conclusion, by the end of 2016, users’ tendency to obtain email addresses grows day by day. On average, each has close to 1.7 emails. However, there are also cases of multiple accounts of bogus email for illegal purposes. We will look at this in a later article.

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