9 August 2018

Why email communication is still so popular nowadays

Although there are many new forms of communication in our time, email remains the most important and most widespread. Popularity is so high that there is […]
6 August 2018

The Importance of Emotions in Email Marketing

One of the important research questions of both Psychology and Neuroscience is to identify and examine those processes that play a key role in making a […]
6 August 2018

Beyond the Ad: Enhance your email campaigns with targeted content!

The fact that email is an effective means of promoting products and services is already known. Beyond advertising promotions, Email Marketing is an ideal way to […]
6 August 2018

The most common mistakes in Email Marketing and how to avoid: Part One

Most businesses and organizations in Greece have understood the benefits of Email Marketing and apply it either to increase their sales or to add extra value […]
6 August 2018

How to Embed Your Email Campaigns in Google Analytics

Those who own a website know that Google Analytics is a popular tracking and analysis tool of her traffic. The fact that it’s free, its powerful […]