9 August 2018

How to Make Your Email Issue More Attractive

Every day we receive too many promotional emails along with those that relate to and relate to our work. Most of the things that are relevant […]
9 August 2018

What is the newsletter?

If we wanted to translate into Greek the word “Newsletter” we would call “newsletter”. Of course, a newsletter could also be the classic newspaper or the […]
9 August 2018

Tips for writing a good newsletter

  A clear newsletter topic. It is good not to use impressive titles, which reminisce more of advertising spots. Because a lot of ads appear on […]
9 August 2018

4 practical ways for more direct newsletters

It’s no secret that companies are approaching customers with services tailored to the interests and needs of their customers. And email communication makes it even easier. […]
8 August 2018

Analysis of the basic structure of a successful newsletter

Bulk email in the form of newsletter is one of the most popular ways advertisers trust to communicate with their clients. And they do well! With […]
6 August 2018

The Importance of Emotions in Email Marketing

One of the important research questions of both Psychology and Neuroscience is to identify and examine those processes that play a key role in making a […]
6 August 2018

5 ideas for creating attractive text for your email

You are already aware that the average user is selective in the email he reads. A key success factor in Email Marketing is how the email […]
6 August 2018

Beyond the Ad: Enhance your email campaigns with targeted content!

The fact that email is an effective means of promoting products and services is already known. Beyond advertising promotions, Email Marketing is an ideal way to […]