The Importance of Emotions in Email Marketing

One of the important research questions of both Psychology and Neuroscience is to identify and examine those processes that play a key role in making a decision. Especially as regards decisions to purchase a product or use of a service, surveys have shown that these decisions are based on sentiment rather than logic. But how does this assumption relate to Email Marketing and how can you customize your strategy according to this?

Emotional Marketing and Ads

For several years now, an aspect of marketing has been successfully implemented, Emotional Marketing (Emotional Marketing) – or more correctly, we would call it Marketing of Emotions. Emotional Marketing aims to stimulate consumer sentiments to make the desired purchase of a product or service . Especially in the advertising sector, this method is successfully applied to all communication channels, from television to the internet. Just ask yourself which ads have been remembered or made viral on the web and how you felt when you saw or heard them. A common feature of all these campaigns is not to highlight both the product’s features and the relationship that consumers create with the brand and feelings that the product communicates .

Emotions and Email Marketing

On the contrary, the importance of emotions as a criterion for purchasing decisions is often neglected by those who are active in Email Marketing. Why should you take it seriously? As we need to make so many decisions every day, it is impossible to be fully informed in advance of each of them. Here comes the emotion factor. Especially in the modern environment, there are plenty of products and services that have similar characteristics. It is therefore more difficult to choose one of the others. In this respect, the decision to prefer a product to someone else will depend primarily on the positive experience the consumer will experience when he/she comes into contact with the product and is called upon to decide according to the feelings he .

The same applies to email and newsletters . You may have followed all the right steps to set up your campaign and to build your email but you did not have any positive results. You probably did not manage to create a feeling for your subscriber to read it. Simply mentioning e.g. your product’s features with a link to your website or eshop is not enough. Producing emotion will play a big part if your campaign is successful or not. Your goal is to cause an emotional response to the recipient first to open your email, read it, and take the action you want .

But how can you do that?

1. Campaign Goal

The first step is always to define your campaign goal: What do you want to achieve, what is your purpose? For example, you want:

  • Drive more visitors to your website?
  • offer content and updates relevant to your products or services?
  • Keep your customers or win new ones?
  • Make your brand known?


2. What feelings?

Once you’ve defined your campaign’s goal, think about what kind of feelings you want your subscribers to meet your goal . For example, you can cause:

  • hope , that is expectation for a positive result, through a purchase or reading a tutorial.
  • fear , ie what your subscribers will lose if they do not take the desired action, e.g. a market.
  • Joy and Satisfaction , which is associated with purchasing the product or using a service.
  • desire , e.g. to acquire the latest model of a product.


3. Email construction and content

At first you need to think about the colors you will use in the email . Different colors cause and are associated with particular feelings or related to product categories, such as the black with expensive and luxurious products and the blue with professional services. More details can be found in our articles, dedicated specifically to the role of colors in the newsletter, here and here .

You also need to consider though what kind of photos you will include in the email . Research has shown, for example, that photos of smiling people enhance the sense of security and trust. Avoid ready-made, stock photos and do not hesitate to put your own or your partner .

The most important part of your email is your text . First of all the title of the subject as well as the preview of the email should be so drafted as to gain the interest of the recipient . In the email text, beware of both the tone and the words you use . Stop seeing your email reader as an unknown, only willing to give you his money. Your subscribers want you to treat them as viewers, visions, who know what they want. For this reason, do not use a language printed from a brochure. Ask them as your friends, to whom you want to offer products, services, and solutions that will benefit them . Do not forget that they are already interested in what you offer as they are your subscribers. You enjoy, for example, with them for a purchase they have done and at the same time promote the related products and solutions for them. You are also feeling the right decision to prefer and at the same time build trust relationships with them.

So when you write your email, carefully choose your words and expressions. Read your text and enter your subscriber’s location . What are your feelings? Try different versions and get feedback from friends and acquaintances before sending your email. But do not hesitate to ask for help from experts .


Dimitris Kroggos is SEA consultant, certified Google AdWords Expert.

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