Beyond the Ad: Enhance your email campaigns with targeted content!

The fact that email is an effective means of promoting products and services is already known. Beyond advertising promotions, Email Marketing is an ideal way to share content that is related to your audience’s needs and expectations . Below you will see why it is important to include in your email shipments content that is not just about advertising promotions as well as ideas on what kind of targeted content you can share with your subscribers!

The new challenges

Not many years ago, building a website was enough to increase the popularity, clientele and sales of a business. Not anymore. Today, a business must make sure that its website is responsive to mobile devices and is present at social media . At the same time, it must incorporate and use Digital Marketing on all available communication channels from email to search engines ( SEO and SEA ).

As the user/client approach has changed, the user’s approach to products and services, businesses, and brands has also changed. The vast majority of users – over 80% – now investigates before making a purchase decision : Compares features and prices on search engines, reads reviews and reviews on websites, and takes into account other users’ experiences in social media.

Content and Attract Prospective Clients

In this process, the so-called customer journey, businesses need to adapt if they want to be competitive. One-sided push strategy (e.g., ads) is no longer sufficient. The goal now is for a business to pull, to attract the user to choose the product or service they offer . But as there is a plethora of products and services with the same characteristics and prices, how will a business gain a comparative advantage over its competitors?

Based on the content that accompanies the product or service and the integrated experience offered to the user/visitor and prospective customer. “Content” means all visual and audio elements of a web presence such as text, video and audio, animations, e-services, apps, and more.

Suppose, for example, that an eshop sells televisions. This offers for each model a TV picture, its basic features and price. A competitive eshop offers on the other hand detailed technical features, availability, shipment time, product photo galleries, a wall mount wizard, and reviews or tests for the particular model. As a user, what eshop would you choose for your purchase? Exactly, the second. Why it offers a better experience to the user, as he can find all the information about the model he is looking for. Content delivers added value to your business and to the product or service you offer.

How to Enhance Your Email Campaigns

In view of the above, let’s see how you can enrich your email shipments with the appropriate content beyond or in connection with your promotions.

Depending on the products or services you offer, you can:


  • Please provide extra information

As mentioned in the example above, you can enrich your email content with additional information. Because the email space is small, add a sample of the information and a link or button that will lead the recipient to your site for additional content . This sample in your email can be e.g. basic features, a review, a photo and so on. For example, if you are a photographer at events, place a photo from a recent event and encourage the reader to see the entire album with the photos on your site. Your readers will appreciate the fact that they can find a lot of information gathered at a point .


  • Highlight your expertise

Create email with content that emphasizes your professionalism and specialization on the subject you are working on. This content may be an article from your corporate blog on your subject matter, a certification you have obtained, your participation in a competition, a prize or a distinction. These stand out from your competitors and help promote your brand and the professionalism of your business . At the same time, it helps make sure your readers feel confident and honored about their choice to trust or choose your business.


  • Share Knowledge

Beyond your promotional email, send to your subscribers email that is directly or indirectly related to your products or services. The content of these emails can be user guides, tips and guides in steps, text, videos, or podcasts . For example, if you offer flowers and floriculture, create a video on how to plant pot plants properly or report decoration tips and tips on the balcony. Then send a campaign that will lead to landing page where the reader will find the content you created.


  • Promote an event

Create a campaign that will inform you and invite your subscribers to an event you are organizing, a speech or a presentation. Emphasize the benefit they will have if they come to it or reward them with an offer, especially for them.

In brief:


  1. Create additional content for your products or services (texts, images, videos, podcasts).

  3. Embed this content into your email or create a preview and add buttons and links that will lead to the landing page.

  5. Create special campaigns to promote or embed it into your advertising email.


Finally, we stress once again how important it is to offer your subscribers additional content that meets their needs and aspirations. The possibilities and choices are many, depending on the subject you are working on. Do not forget that your subscribers are already interested in your products or services. Give them the best experience you can, stand out from the competition and take advantage of either winning as customers or keeping them.


Dimitris Kroggos is SEA consultant, certified Google AdWords Expert.

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