What is the newsletter?

If we wanted to translate into Greek the word “Newsletter” we would call “newsletter”. Of course, a newsletter could also be the classic newspaper or the various promotional newsletters that are sometimes shared on the road, in the building, etc. In the Internet language the newsletter is an email, a simple email like all other classic messages, with a more professional or official texture.

The sender, who sends the newsletter in bulk, is not only targeting the sale. A newsletter can be sent by anyone like companies, individuals, institutions, schools, universities, non-profit organizations, etc. with the sole purpose of informing the addressee. For example, a university may indicate the dates of the final examinations or a chamber to send upcoming activities and activities to its members.

Clearly the newsletter is more successful in promoting and selling products and services. A new company in the field of photovoltaic systems may want to promote a new system that is really quality, worthwhile and above all will save money to the individual. A bookstore can send a suggestion to specific customers every week, such as the latest version of a popular author in cardiology books. A dining area (bar, restaurants, etc.) can send a discount offer a week earlier or announce a new event.

It is often useful and it is proposed to combine the sale of products or services with the information of the recipient. If you are a computer company, you can also mention some clever ways to solve classic computer problems with the products you want to promote. A clothing company can once send a good bid for clothes shopping and the next one a newsletter with fashion suggestions, smart solutions for styling and everyday dressing.

EmailSYSTEM combines the newsletter with the email marketing as its platform features ready-made, professional art projects which you can use as a basis to make your own proposal. The process of creating a new campaign is very easy , no programming skills are needed, you can customize it as you imagine your own newsletter.

Κάντε εγγραφή στο newsletter μας για να λαμβάνετε πρώτοι έξυπνες ιδέες και πρακτικές για αποτελεσματικότερο email marketing.

Κατανοώ και αποδέχομαι ότι η φόρμα αυτή συλλέγει το email μου αποκλειστικά για την αποστολή ενημερωτικών emails. Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες Πολιτική προστασίας προσωπικών δεδομένων

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