Email Marketing or Google AdWords? What method to follow?

Regardless of the size of your business, those who are interested in the best marketing methods that will drive more and more to your website and increase your reach and clientele, you’ve certainly heard of Google AdWords : Google’s online advertising service, which is also popular in our country in recent years. But is AdWords more effective than Email Marketing? Perhaps would it be better to invest in advertising rather than email campaigns?



Before we go into answering these questions, let’s take a look at the features of the two methods:

Google AdWords


  • You create keyword-based ads in AdWords that appear in Google’s search results or on Google-owned websites (e.g., YouTube) and the Google Display Network. Your goal is to attract the interest of Google search users to visit your site.


  • When someone clicks on your ad you pay a Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) price based on the auction method.

  • By clicking on the ad, the user is taken to your Home page or (even better) on a Landing Page you have specified.

  • Only then, and once you’ve already spent money , you can win a customer.

Email Marketing


  • Your goal is to create a list of people you can communicate with.

  • So you create it for him the purpose of a special Landing Page on your website or incorporate a registration form so visitors can subscribe to your listing.

  • Ideally, report on your website the benefits of future subscribers (special offers and exclusive benefits, discounts etc.)

  • As you can have visitors from all source channels (search engines, suggestions from other visitors and webpages, social media ), you can turn them into subscribers and potential customers. So you do not depend on a source from which you can earn new customers.

Email Marketing or AdWords?

One could ask the question: Why bother creating an email list, a persistent and time consuming process, while I could sell through my AdWords my product or service quickly and have a direct profit ;

The answer is not self-evident . For example, think about what happens if you stop your adwords campaigns. You will immediately notice fewer (or no) visitors to your website. So if you stop your ads, you will no longer have visitors, you will not have the sales you want or the goals you have set. In short, your profit will shrink.

And now think about what happens if you use Email Marketing and stop sending your email campaigns. Exactly: And in this case you will notice significantly fewer visitors to your website.

ONLY: Unlike AdWords, you already have a list of people who are interested in your products or services . No one can get them! At any time you can contact your subscribers again, send your campaigns with offers and promotions of products and services, or let them know. You have already created a core of potential customers, it will not decrease as much as it can if you support only in AdWords.

The (Long Term) Benefits of Email Marketing versus AdWords


  1. You are not only reliant on a source of visitors to your site, i.e. only ads. You can Use different channels to attract new subscribers and potential customers, e.g. Facebook .

  3. In the long run, you become increasingly independent by external factors that affect your website’s traffic, as you’ve built a list of people you can contact to win visitors and potential customers

  5. Email Marketing is more cost effective than paying for AdWords ads in the long run.


These are the key benefits of Email Marketing vs. AdWords. On the other hand, this does not mean you have to reject AdWords , which is a very important tool of Online Marketing. You can easily use it to improve your email marketing strategy. How? We’ll look at this in our next article.


Dimitris Krougos is SEA Advisor, Google AdWords Expert Certified

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