Email Marketing and Educational Organizations. Methods of application.

Email is the primary marketing tool not only to promote products and services, but also to increase the popularity of a business, as well as to create a relationship of trust between a company and its customer-subscribers. But beyond business, Email Marketing can benefit public and private organizations working in the field of Education and Vocational Training . Below we will look at some implementation methods.



Email Marketing in Education

While in Europe and the United States, organizations that have been active in the field of Education have for years recognized the principles of Digital Marketing and are making efforts to use all of its available tools, the counterparts in Greece remain hesitant about this issue . Only in recent years have they been trying to have an internet presence – beyond of course the existence of a website. This presence is usually limited to social media, often with a Facebook page or, more rarely, with a Twitter account.

Even more rarely using email as a communication channel : Our research on educational web sites has shown that email plays a very minor role . Either do not offer the ability to subscribe to a newsletter list or a registration form is difficult to find. In the example below from the website of a well-known private IEK, the person is directed to the registration form only through the contact menu while missing from the first page



This is probably due to the fact that educational institutions have the luxury that business does not have: a ready email list . Every organization – AIU and ATEI, IEK and Tutorials – gets every student or student registration and their email address. Another advantage is that user grouping is easier , for example . depending on the subject or faculty and the department, course or lessons.

However, this does not negate the fact that neglecting the effectiveness of email loses the opportunity to reach even more candidates , who are interested in studying in a direction they offer. This also applies to private organizations and public institutions, for example universities offering postgraduate studies with tuition fees.

Benefits of Email Marketing in Education

The benefits of email regarding the organization and the students are multiple. With the last sentence above, we have already mentioned a benefit that can be achieved by following a consistent email strategy: attracting interested and prospective students . Particularly in private organizations, competition is large, whether it is a college or IEK and foreign language schools. We have also emphasized in the past that the user is now conducting thorough research on websites and social media before making a purchase decision. How much less, when it comes to training, a decision-investment that will determine its future significantly. Email is another effective way to reach this audience .

One parameter also, practical and very important, is the various updates of the already enrolled students. These updates , from new news to changes to dates and times of lessons and events, are a contact that is more immediate and more personal than any post on the web or facebook . Do not forget that the user is more likely to read his email than seeing a specific post. This avoids dysfunctions in the educational process and unnecessary tensions and misunderstandings between the organization and the students.

Finally, the email contributes to the creation of with his students. Nowadays, if something characterizes the relationship between educational organizations and its members is indifference. Students do not feel like they belong to a group, to a community with the same purposes and the same goals, while the same organizations often recall a public service of a dispatching nature. But by applying a strategy of approach and by email, they can, for their part, convey the image of the community and build trust with their members .

Implement Email Marketing

But how can Email Marketing be useful to educational organizations? What content can be (shared) shared?

There are many features . Some practical applications include:

  • Students are briefed on issues related to the day-to-day running of the organization. For example, email can be sent for exam dates as well as for last minute changes, cancellation of a lesson or change of a classroom.
  • Sharing information and promotional material on the organization’s education and organization issues, such as curricula, offering new courses and educational resources, services of the organization to serve students, etc.
  • Targeted sending of learning material, such as scientific articles, educational videos and podcasts, presentations, etc.
  • Promote events and send invitations and programs for talks, meetings, events and more.
  • Creating and sending a newsletter specifically for graduates so that they remain involved in the organization’s activities and at the end of their studies.
  • Creating a newsletter specifically for interested people to attract new students.


Conclusion: Email Marketing is not just about businesses and sales. It is also addressed to educational organizations of all kinds and sizes, ranging from a university institution to a foreign language school. With the right newsletters and targeted email campaigns, they can offer a better study experience, immediate information and service to both existing and prospective members .

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Dimitris Kroggos is SEA consultant, certified Google AdWords Expert.


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