The 5 Most Important Trends in Email Marketing for 2018

Email Marketing is and remains one of the most important tools of Digital Marketing. No other medium offers such high return on investment (ROI) as email. Newsletter, product and service promotions, as well as seasonal campaigns, are a guarantee for attracting new customers, increasing turnover and sales . These will have the same power this year as in 2017. But what trends will prevail in Email Marketing in 2018?

1. Increase personalized and targeted email

We’ve emphasized the importance and the benefit of sending personalized email and we’ve advised you how to do it . The nominal subscription of subscribers so that the recipient feels that the email is sent to him as a person rather than en masse is now a given practice in Email Marqueting. The goal now is for the user to receive email, matching their profile staff. Get promotions of products and services, news, and suggestions that meet their needs and aspirations .

This is also a need to support the fact that separating subscribers into different groups and email lists due to their special features is now one of the advertiser’s main priorities. Therefore, the profiling of subscribers and the sending of targeted email will play an even more important role in 2018.

2. Automate Shipments

According to the data we have collected from our customers, automated email has flourished in 2017. Automatic email responses and scheduled campaign shipments (daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal) quickly, thanks to the upgraded features offered by serious platforms bulk mail, such as EmailSYSTEM . In 2018 automation of missions will increase.

But this does not mean you have to rest: scheduling your email will not produce the expected results if it is not accompanied by a profound analysis of the performance and statistics of campaigns along with their optimization steps .

3. Less is more

Forget about the emails with a lot of dense text, as well as content with lots of images and bold colors that draw the reader’s attention from the real goal of email. The new trend in designing and building newsletters and email is minimalist . Small texts, targeted words and suggestions, a or two images, a button , soft colors .

Η δυνατότητα να «σκανάρει» και να αναγνωρίζει ο αναγνώστης σε ελάχιστο χρόνο το περιεχόμενο του email θεωρείται πλέον επιβεβλημένη. Στόχος λοιπόν για αυτήν την χρονιά είναι, να βελτιώσετε την εμπειρία ανάγνωσης και να προσφέρετε στους συνδρομητές σας email με απλό και σαφές περιεχόμενο.

4. Προτεραιότητα στον responsive σχεδιασμό των email

Ζούμε πλέον σε έναν mobile κόσμο, όπου χρησιμοποιούμε τα smartphones και τα tablets περισσότερο από κάθε άλλη συσκευή και τα email διαβάζονται καθ’ οδόν. Η κατασκευή email φιλικών προς τις φορητές συσκευές γνώρισε θεαματική αύξηση το προηγούμενο διάστημα και θα παραμείνει έτσι και το 2018. Για τα email, που δεν είναι βελτιστοποιημένα για αυτές τις συσκευές, υπάρχει ο κίνδυνος όχι μόνο να έχουν χαμηλά Open και Click-Through Rates αλλά να μην ανοιχτούν καθόλου!

First of all, however, it is worth knowing how, when, and where the audience is reading the target content you are interested in. Knowing if your audience prefers portable or desktop devices is extremely important to your email marketing strategy!

5. Greater protection and security of subscribers’ personal data

2018 is the year of application of the General Protection Regulation EU Personal Data , commonly known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which deals with business data management. This is basically not new, as many provisions of the Regulation have already been incorporated into Greek law . This regulation obliges companies to handle in a better and more transparent way the personal data of customers, users of the website and their subscribers. Any non-compliance with the Regulation will result in even higher fines than those previously imposed by the Privacy Authority .

Especially for email marketing practitioners, the application of the new Regulation requires primarily transparency: This applies not only to the registration forms and the referral of users to the policy of maintaining and using a personal data file on the website but also for communication with them via email . In 2018 it will be even more important not only to have user consent in advance for your missions but also for users to know from the outset what kind of content they will get from you and why. At the same time, your subscribers should have the option of deleting from your list and the right to know how you manage your personal data.


Dimitris Kroggos is SEA consultant, certified Google AdWords Expert.

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