5 Tips for Your Email Marketing Strategy in 2018

In 2017 it was a year full of challenges and changes in Email Marketing. While general advice such as “knowing the target audience” and “strategically organizing your campaigns” are always valuable, we want to give you some practical tips today to renew your Email Marketing for the new year.

1. Take a deep look at your email list

A very important parameter to keep your credibility as a sender and your open rate emails is to clear your list . The beginning of the year is a good time to do it.

To begin with, identify which of your subscribers are inactive and have not opened your email. Organize a campaign specifically for them to encourage them to interact. If they insist on ignoring your email, do not hesitate to remove them from your list. Do not forget: A long list is not automatic and qualitative .

Then identify subscribers who have a selective relationship with your campaigns. See in detail which emails were opened and which did not, what content they were receptive to and which did not. Use the results of your analysis to split your subscribers into groups to make sure they get the content they care about .

Finally, completely remove from your mailing list email addresses that did not deliver your email due to a soft bounces. If you repeatedly send emails to frequently encountered emails, then the problem is probably permanent and not temporary, and you must remove them. Additionally, they negatively affect your success rate and in the long run your credibility as a safe sender.

2. Send personalized email

Sending personalized email was and will remains a very important success factor in Email Marketing for 2018. Beyond making your subscribers name in the title or addressing the email, make sure to send your promotional and other promotions as best as your subscribers’ profile . According to a study of Salesforce 52% of users are ready to prefer another company if it is addressed personally, and 64% of them prefer personal product and bid promotions.

3. Optimize your mobile campaigns

It is no surprise now that most people open their emails on mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. For 2016 this percentage of users was 53% and the forecast for 2018 is 80% ! If you have not done so far to think about displaying your email on mobile devices, it’s time to do it. Follow our tips for build email for mobile and optimize your campaigns for them.

4. Rejuvenate!

New Year, New Goals, New Challenges. To design your strategy in 2018, it is always a good analysis of your campaign performance the past year. Ask yourself: Which campaign was successful, what failed, why? Which day of shipment is the best? Which design is more functional, what content is more receptive?

Keep what works positively for you and find the points that need improvement. Refresh your email design and text and test it. Do not hesitate to get feedback from your audience but also contact the specialists for new ideas and tips .

5. Insist on Email Marketing

Email Marketing is constantly changing. Emails in “Inbox” become more, more and more are competing to grab the user’s attention. You may have noticed a decrease in the open rate of your email and the response of your subscribers. You may be wondering if it is worth investing in Email Marketing now.

We are telling you that it’s worth it: Most serious advertisers say it’s the most successful marketing method next to creating a website. According to the study mentioned above, Email Marketing has the highest return on investment (ROI), which has seen an increase of 83% from 2015 to today. The same trend will prevail in 2018. So Email Marketing is here to stay. If you abandon it, you will lose a successful communication channel with your audience and stay behind with your competitors.

We hope the above tips help you organize your campaigns and your email marketing strategy for 2018. We will be here for the new year with the presentation of all new trends in Email Marketing, with tips and guidelines for creative and successful email campaigns. Good Year and stay tuned!


Dimitris Kroggos is SEA consultant, certified Google AdWords Expert.

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