The most common mistakes in Email Marketing and how to avoid them: Part Two

In our previous article mentioned and analyzed the most common mistakes one can make with regard to the email marketing strategy that follows. Today we will deal with what is related to the construction and content of the email and how you can fix it.

1. Sender’s name and email

If your email displays a standard name such as admin, info or no replay as sender, and as noreply@ietairiamou.gr as your email, then do not expect to open your email. Recipients want to receive messages from people, not automated machines . In this way you alienate the reader and give him the impression that your interest is focused only on sending mass mail. Also, with a noreply address, you not only deprive the reader to respond immediately and communicate with you, but you feel like you do not want to chat with him.

Instead, the name of the sender should show your company name or, better still, your name or your customer service representative. Also, use an email address where the recipient can to respond directly.

2. Subject Email Title

Do you know that email theme is the most crucial factor for this to be opened. You also know you have to be attractive and stand out from other emails in the inbox of the user so that he can attract interest. But that does not mean you have to lead to excesses and titles that promise a lot but do not correspond to the truth and do not keep up with the email content .

For example, do not report a discount on all your products when it comes to a specific brand or category of products, in the hope that you will sell something more. All you can do is disappoint your reader and get the impression that you are mistaken.

The title should be consistent with the purpose and content of the email, be simple, clear, and comprehensive . It is also understood that you should avoid capital letters and many exclamations because your email is at risk of ending up with the spam folder.

3. You negate the preview in the email title

A common mistake. Preview is a useful feature to take advantage of . As most e-mail clients offer it, they will post a passage from your email if you do not put a text. Surely you have received an email, which in the preview shows the beginning of the text or worse a phrase like “to open the email in the browser click here”. So you miss a major opportunity to highlight the title of the subject.

The preview text should work in addition to the title and thus highlight the content of the email. See this example

& nbsp;

as well as our newsletter

Finally, more about email preview here .

4. Email is only images

At least 30% of users have configured their email client to block images. If your email consists only of images, then the only thing you will see is a blank.

For this reason, be tricky to use images , which should work in addition to your email. Also be sure to set your images in alt text < /a>. So, even if they are blocked by the email client, they will not lose their message.

5. The email has no images

Here we go to the other end, not to use any pictures at all. We recommend using at least one image . Statistics show that users are more likely to click on an image than on a text link.

6. The email is “loaded” with a lot of content

Many images, large and dense texts, many links. The average user has some time to read his emails. A large email with dense content discourages the user from reading, let alone click on your links to get him to your website.

So keep your emails simple, simple and comprehensively and Make sure the style and language of your texts .

7. An email, many goals

You have certainly read an email that reminds an advertisement brochure. Various offers and discounts, various product and service promotions, many links and many Call to Action buttons, How attractive and interesting can such an email be?

This happens when you want to make a lot of things with an email as a sender. But you usually cause the opposite effect to the desired . First, why you confuse the reader and secondly, because you treat him as a naive consumer, from whom you only want his money.

Instead, each email and each campaign should transmit a message and have a unique goal . The texts, images and images Call to Action buttons should serve this purpose . If you plan more promotions, then it’s best to create separate email and separate campaigns for them.


These were the most common mistakes one encountered in both its Email Marketing strategy and in the construction and content of email. We will continue to review and analyze the campaign results thoroughly and suggest the most effective practices and strategies!


Dimitris Kroggos is SEA consultant, certified Google AdWords Expert.



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