Improve Email Marketing performance with the help of Social Media

We have highlighted the importance and benefits of Email Marketing, , which has the highest return on investment (ROI) . At the same time, we insist on the fact that you should be actively involved in the other Digital Marketing tools, such as Social Media to get the most results. You already know, how to combine Email Marketing with Google AdWords . Let’s look at how you can improve email marketing performance with Social Media .



Nowadays, most people choose multiple channels of information (search engines, websites and social media) before making a purchase or using a service. Most successful businesses have adapted to the new environment and implement a mix of Digital Marketing tools to deliver the best experience to their potential and existing customers.

While email helps to increase sales and promote products and services, social media offers a closer touch with your audience, which is achieved with the ability to directly support and respond to a particular need. But how can you combine these two different channels of communication with each other? How can social media support your email campaigns? Below we give you some solutions to integrate social media into your email marketing strategy.

First we will deal with two solutions, which we have mentioned in the past and are very important:

Embed your corporate social media profile on your email

See, for example, the EmailSYSTEM newsletter



Remind your subscribers to your social media presence . Invite them to become your company’s followers and let them know about special offers, news and competitions.

Allow your social media followers to subscribe to your email and newsletter

Here you follow the reverse. For example, on your corporate Facebook page you can directly add an email subscription form (see more here ) or add a Call-to-Action button , which will lead you to the registration form on your webpage. On your posts, encourage your followers to sign up for your listing and combine their sign up with a promotional coupon or a discount exclusively for them .

Sync your email campaigns with targeted social media posts

A common mistake is to prevent emails from popping up on social media , so your subscribers and followers will not be recipients of a single experience. On the contrary, the combination of both channels can have multiple benefits.

For example, before you send your email, “advertise” it on social media with teaser posts, or show your audience a preview of its content . Then combine the sending of your email with simultaneous social media posts, on the day of shipment and then with follow up posts . Ask your subscribers’ opinions and impressions of the content you sent and cause a discussion.

Conversely now, you can do so with your email, informing your subscribers about any offers and actions you have planned on social media. With this tactic, synchronizing your email marketing strategy with social media activity will lead to an increase in your potential customers, whether subscribers or followers.

Upload your email list to social media

One of the best ways to combine Email Marketing with social media is to upload the list of email subscribers to Facebook and Twitter. This way you can follow your subscribers to social networks and create targeted social media campaigns or promotional ads for them . Especially the Facebook service for Custom Audiences , is a useful and successful tool for your Facebook ads.

But beyond that – and perhaps the most important – is that in this way your email addresses get a name, a profile. You have the ability to get to know your audience better , those people who have already shown interest in your product or service. What they like and what interests them, what they are discussing and what they share with others, what are their needs? Knowing your audience, you can tailor your approach to them, create quality emails and posts with content that suits their needs and desires.

In summary, it is now clear how social media can benefit your email marketing strategy. Particularly syncing your activity to both marketing channels plays an important role in providing your audience with the best experience with your business. Apply our suggestions and see an increase in both your subscribers and followers to your social media, so your potential customers.


Dimitris Kroggos is SEA consultant, certified Google AdWords Expert.

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