What if you sent the wrong email across the list

Sometime a customer had an unfortunate moment. An employee has inadvertently sent a test email to all subscribers who were registered in the company’s database. We immediately discovered the error, informed them and suggested a very smart solution.

They prepared a story for a hypothetical employee who was vacationing in Tahiti, having his mind at work. From there he accidentally sent this email. They apologized for the error and asked their subscribers what they had to do with it.

“Let him dismiss or forgive him?”

This e-mail was unexpectedly positive from the company’s customers. Many have sent humorous answers like “he drank a lot of cocktails,” but most of them asked to be forgiven and even give him extra days to enjoy his holidays. This imagined employee became a reference point in subsequent campaigns of the company.

The problem: You sent a wrong email

Fortunately, you did not send the wrong email to so many but better be prepared for similar cases. What can you do to fix it?

First of all, he cleared the exact mistake. Did you send the newsletter to the wrong audience? Do you have a mistake in the matter? Link that does not lead anywhere? Typographical error? Or did you send the wrong offer? You must be absolutely clear about the type of error, so you can handle it later.

What you can fix

A newsletter that has been sent can not be modified. But its content, like pictures and links, can. That is, check if the photos you included in the email actually exist, if not, upload them to the correct path. The same applies to links. Fix them as quickly as possible before client users start and pause and find the error.

Corrective mail

As in the case of the company mentioned above, a next newsletter apologizing for the mistake and addressing the subject with humor will be appreciated by your subscribers and you may have an immediate response.

Better to prevent than to cure

As in most aspects of life, by preventing a mistake with careful moves, it is much better than to correct after the consequences. Before sending the campaign to all recipients, test trials and carefully check the texts, photos, layout and links, and even the deletion link.

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