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Dear Mr. [Name] [Surname],

You received this email because our store in [Area] has a discount [ Percentage all electrical devices for the period of [Month] [Year].

The above quote is one of the most typical examples of a personalized email that you can send to your recipients through EmailSYSTEM. You often ask us: “Is it so important to send personalized messages?”

According to a recent study by Pew Internet & amp; American Life Project , personalized emails perform much better than the rest. In particular, they have an average 14% greater response to clicks on your links and a 10% increase in sales. Ask yourself how much effort you need to pay to find this extra 10% of conventional sales and you will see the importance of personalized email.

The secret to the success of this type of email lies in the information you learn about the man behind an email address . It’s like sending an email to someone you know, to someone you know his habits, and to keep him informed of products or services of interest to him. Based on your sales history, in your preferences and you know that based on your data, you can make a good suggestion. As with interpersonal relationships, the more they know each other is better :). The same is true for your subscribers. The more you know about subscribers in your list, the easier it will be to send them relevant material with offers, ideas, products and services. So simple!

Simply;;; We are clearly joking because, based on the discussions and testimonies of our clients on EmailSYSTEM, it is extremely difficult to collect the name, let alone more information. It is time-consuming, subscribers often fail to give proper information, mistakes are made, and many other problems arise. That’s why we’re introducing ways and ideas to collect information about your subscribers as well as practical tips for your campaigns.

Gather information

You can enhance your newsletter registration form with additional information. Ask interested people, in addition to their name and email, to fill in additional fields with information about them, such as the city they live in, their postcode, their favorite color, their favorite group, etc. >

For example, suppose you have a pet store. You can add fields for whether they already have pets at home, the breed of animals they prefer etc. So, based on their choices, you can send them relevant information and help them in their choice.

Another way is to conduct searches that are conducted directly with those who are already on your list. Examples of questions are “ how often would you like to receive an email?” or “what kind of information would you like to receive?”.

Send newsletters in personal tone

If your newsletters solve the problems of your subscribers or provide them with relevant material according to their interests, then you give value to your work, to what you do, to your emails. Then, the recipients will understand how important your email is to them. So, you build a trust relationship where your subscriber will wait for your newsletter next time.

The welcome message is your first contact and opportunity to implement it. You should immediately show that in your subject you are the right person to inform them. So, they are most likely to trust a service or make a purchase.

A great example is WeddingWire , a wedding website. In the registration form of the website, subscribers are asked to fill in the date of their upcoming wedding. With this information, the appropriate material is sent to them according to the stage they are in when preparing the wedding.

See below for a sample that subscribers receive when subscribing to the newsletter.

Yet another way to show your interest to potential customers is to celebrate their important anniversaries. For example, Facebook sends a festive email to the users’ birthdays as follows:


The honest and direct relationship with your subscribers is email marketing of Alpha and Omega. As long as you gain experience with bulk email delivery and know your recipients better, you will see both an increase in the impact and the positive reactions to the email you send.

Do you already send personalized email to your customers? Write about your experience in the comments of our website!

Source: www.aweber.com

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