Is it worth it to resubmit a campaign?

The reasons that a campaign you are sending does not perform as much as you expected is many. Perhaps the issue is not of interest, you are sending at the wrong time or the quality of the list of subscribers can be blamed. Do not forget that your audience may be busy and does not check their emails frequently. In all cases, the solution is simple: Repeat the campaign.

Is it profitable?

There have been many researches on the effectiveness of repetitive emails and, in general, bring about results. Let’s look at an example:

One of our clients decided to try to resubmit a campaign to the same audience, and saw an increase in performance by 54.7%. The opening rate ranged from 44% to 46% and saw an increase in sales of 50%. It was worth the trouble.

Reasons to resume sending

Increasing the opening rate is a key reason for a repeat campaign, but it’s not the only one.

The subject of the message is an important factor in whether or not someone will open the email. According to Marketingsherpa, a more personal issue will increase success rates by 40%. See our article on personalized newsletters .

So if you sent an email and you did not have a high opening percentage, change the issue, test it and resend it. A good way to attract the reader’s interest at first glance is here . It refers to the preview that appears when someone receives an email.

Basic rules:

1) Send only subscribers who have not opened the campaign

Do not make the mistake of resending the entire list. Separate your list to more niche with people who have not opened the newsletter.

2) True Sync You must be 100% sure that everyone has been able to view your newsletter. Leave it a few days before sending it back.

The benefits of repeat missions are many but that does not mean you have to use it in every campaign. Some percent did not open the email because it just does not care. If you continue to send them continuously, they will be removed from your list.

Select the campaigns to resend carefully – especially those that can be improved. Also, monitor the rate of deletions to make sure you are not disturbing your subscribers.

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