How to integrate social media into email marketing

We are constantly talking about the benefits of email marketing, because advertising is perhaps the most reliable tool with amazing returns on ROI (Return of Investment) performance of each campaign. Most successful companies use at the same time most aspects of modern marketing with the ultimate goal of satisfying their customer. These companies face marketing as a whole, and believe that email and social media perform better when combined and exploited .

In this article we’ll see how you can combine the benefits of social media with email marketing .

Estimate current status

Before you start sending to your followers to subscribe to your list, consider what level you are in.

Ask yourself


  • How do we combine social media with email marketing so far?

  • How will newsletters help increase our reach on social media?

  • Have ideas on how to use the power of social media to help email marketing ?

  • What is it best for social networks rather than email? And the opposite, of course.

Sharpen social profiles in emails

Email marketing can help increase social networking appeal by reminding your subscribers that your company is actively involved in the most popular networks.

The well-known Fruit of the Loom company encourages its subscribers to interact in a fun and interactive way with the following email.

This way of presentation explains the benefits of the user from both active media, Facebook and Twitter. At the same time, they run a contest on Facebook where you win a product of your choice by drawing lots on the condition that you “follow” the company (nice motivation …!).

Additionally, this strategy not only helps increase the company’s appeal but also gives value to the subscriber to have the opportunity to participate in the company’s events . Focusing on a medium (Facebook) makes it easier for the user to decide whether to follow to receive news and updates at regular intervals.

Encourage your followers to subscribe to your list

As mentioned above for promoting social accounts, you can do the opposite, that is, encourage the followers to subscribe to your list. An example is through your corporate Facebook page.

The SXSW organization uses this strategy to increase its list with the following form.

You can regularly remind your followers of the benefits they will have if they subscribe. GIVE YOUR MOVIE TO WRITING! For example, many companies report on their posts that all registered users will have exclusive offers from their items such as “5% discount on summer t-shirt” or “FREE shipping for orders up to 40 euros”.

Summing up

We have seen some ways and examples of implementation to take advantage of the power of social media for our benefit. Combine the above information along with our excellent article on Social Media and Email Marketing .

Source: Campaignmonitor.com

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