7 Ways To Increase The Opening Rate Of Your Newsletters

The term “open rate” or “readability” is known in the field of email marketing. It is one of the most important statistical metrics and determines how many opened and read the newsletter you sent.

The calculation is as follows: We take the only open emails and divide by the total of the envoys minus the freedoms.

Do you often ask what percentage is satisfactory? What is a good rate? The rate varies from sector to branch and country to country. Based on our own internal data for 2016, which we compare with other foreign companies, the average opening rate in the past year was close to 30% . Therefore, if your percentage exceeds 30%, you are on the right track. If the opening percentage is one digit, then you should pay close attention to the following suggestions.

Read 7 ways to improve the opening rate of emails:

1) Qualitative Subscribers

Before you ask users to subscribe to your list, make sure they are attracted to something about your services or products. For example, suppose you own a hotel or work for a hotel. You want to grow up the list of email subscribers and you’re thinking of doing it through a contest by giving a prize a prize. We recommend this gift not something that everyone wants (eg an ipad) but a sample of your own product for example a free two-day stay at the hotel, a free night at the hotel, free benefits, etc. So you will confident that subscribers to your list are potential buyers and related to the product or service you offer.

2) Beware of email

This is the first thing the recipient sees when he receives an email. When you receive 40-50 different emails a day, the choice of someone to read the email is greatly influenced by the subject of email. TRY, TRY, TRY !!! Do not follow a particular pattern because there is not what we call “the best solution,” the “best way”. You can also read our article on 6 basic rules to keep in mind when testing your newsletter .

3) Sender name

Instead of sending the newsletter from a general email address such as info@ietairiamou.gr, it is preferable to assign your name to the sender or to the person responsible for the business. This will make your email more personalized since the sender will have a name and an adjective.

4) Do not use words that trigger spam filters

Especially in the subject of email !! Because many emails nowadays promote suspicious activity or contain a virus, email processing programs (GMail, Yahoo !, Hotmail) automatically filter incoming messages to block malicious emails. Sensitivity to English words is much greater than in Greek, but we suggest that you avoid words like “free offer” or “guarantee”.

5) Sort your list correctly

Do not “bulk” all your emails! Try to sort your email based on a feature in the list. Think of sending a newsletter that matches your audience’s interests. For example, if you have a real estate agency, it makes sense to divide your subscribers into buyers and tenants. If you have an online store or are active in ecommerce, you can divide your subscribers to those they have bought, to those who have shown interest to others.

6) Mobile devices

If the corporate newsletter is not read correctly on mobile devices, then you have a question. Now, 70% of emails are opened by mobile and tablets (EmailMonday survey). Read here 10 tips for opening emails on mobile

7) Personal message

As mentioned in point 3 above, personalizing your newsletter is an effective way to make sure that the recipient opens it. Do not just stay in the name of the sender. Surveys have shown that emails with a personalized theme or greeting, for example, Dear Mr. Nicholas, are 26% more likely to open than they do not have. ≪

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