4 simple ways to increase your email list

Finding new contacts to grow our lists is quite difficult. However, it is very important not to stay staying, to enrich our lists with relevant, quality email addresses. Relevant surveys in the past have shown that successful email marketing professionals grow their lists by 38% each year, or 3.2% each month.

In this article, we present four successful ways to grow your lists, along with the necessary tools you will need to achieve.

1) Add a member registration form to your site

If you have a website, one of the best ways to attract new subscriptions is by using the new subscriber-subscription form. You have certainly seen something similar on other websites. You probably did not know what this form is doing, how it is said and where it is intended. Let’s look at an example of a related registration form of the well-known travel portal Destinations In Greece

This small form, conveniently placed on your website, gives visitors the opportunity to sign up to learn the latest news from your business-to-business website. With a basic design, the form message attempts to highlight the benefit the visitor wins if he/she is a subscriber to the webpage by simply typing his/her email.

This registration form could be quite complicated, but the ultimate goal is to collect emails and this should make it easy and simple for the subscriber. The key here is to be as simple as possible. We ask for the email and maybe the name (eg if we want to send personalized emails ).

Tools to create a form

On the EmailSYSTEM platform, creating a form like this is very simple. From the original menu, we go to “Website Forms” and after we create the form we want and link it to the corresponding contact group, we are provided the code that we will adapt to our website.

If your page is based on the popular WordPress platform, you can try Email Subscribers and Newsletters >

2) Pop Up dialog box

In general, pop ups are usually annoying and their use is limited. Many web designers are reluctant to use because they do not want the visitor to be bothered by unwanted windows.

Yes, it is true that if you overdo it with a lot of pop up, then it will have a negative result. But if their use is done correctly and wisely, they will greatly help to increase your email list – without disturbing visitors. How; Showing the once popup window per visit and appropriate time . In particular, we recommend that you display:


  • At the end of the article

When the visitor finishes reading an article on your website, it’s a good time to ask if he wants to subscribe to your list.


  • When it leaves the page (exit popup) or after a timeout of a page.

See the example on EmailSYSTEM . The window you see below turns on after 10 seconds of reading any page.

Tools to create pop up .


  • PopUp Domination . Of the best known tools. It’s easy to use, it has ready-made visuals. It does not need technical knowledge while it allows you to set popup time.


  • OptinMonster . Another tried-and-tested platform that offers plenty of customization to your pop up.


  • PopupAlly . Still a simple and easy to use tool. WordPress users can try it for free before you buy a more expensive plugin.

3) Place top bar on the home page

Convert visitors to subscribers by placing a discreet bar at the top of your website. See the red arrow in the image below. Shows at the top, in a blue strip, to write for free advice on your email, and simply asks the user’s email.

These frames are very popular because they focus directly on the interest of the visitor, while at the same time they do not take up much space in the layout of the website. Space needs to be limited, so choose the words you’ll put carefully. Explain in simple terms what your visitors will win if they declare their email.

Tools to create such a bar.


  • H ello Bar . This tool is user-friendly and offers parameters for which visitors will see the bar. It is also possible to rotate the host message.


  • WordPress Notification Bar . WordPress users have access to many good tools like this. Promote a YouTube video, show a countdown, or just collect emails.

4) Add a subscription link to your email signature

Perhaps the most simple and intelligent ways of transmitting a message are signing your email.

Think about the number of emails you send daily. According to Surveys , in 2019 every internet user will send and receive an average of 246 emails per day.

Just think of the possibilities from your own personal address list. Recipients who are chatting daily can learn about your business news with a simple registration with your contacts.

Tools to create a signature.


  • Wise Stamp . The ultimate signature creation tool. Offers a newsletter application to encourage users to subscribe to your list.


  • Exclaimer . Free signature creation tool that stays in the eye. It does not include an application to subscribe to the list, but you can easily add a beautiful link to your registration form.

Summing up

Some of the tools we proposed above are free, while others have monthly subscription. There are many solutions with enormous potential. The most important thing is to test, experiment. Analyze their strengths and weaknesses and think about ways to help you grow your email list.

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