3 Key Steps for Successful Email Marketing

Most people using eMail Marketing have initially set all the right goals: increasing sales, keeping existing customers and finding new ones, create a trust relationship with their subscribers .

There are difficulties in the process . They feel lost. Why? How can they reverse the negative situation?

There is no doubt about the usefulness and contribution of Email Marketing in increasing sales, finding new ones and creating a stable clientele. That’s why more and more businesses are turning to it . And while a big business has the luxury of having a dedicated marketing department devoted to Email Marketing strategy, small business owners are among the others tasked with sending email.

Many times, however, their efforts do not have the expected result . Subscribers are starting not to open their emails or to respond to their content, not to interact with it or – even worse – to be deleted from the list. Senders are disappointed, they do not know what email to send and when. They often neglect Email Marketing or end up in their rejection.

Why is this happening?

Because they have not made any plans or plans to send their emails correctly. It may sound bizarre, but it’s still true. This experience has shown us after many discussions with our troubled customers.

Why is a plan for sending your email important?




  • you have control. You know in advance what, why and when to send them.


  • Stay focused on your goals.

  • gives you the incentive to create successful campaigns.

  • you can better evaluate your campaign results and make changes and improvements.

Below are the three basic steps that will help you organize your email strategy and shipments .

Step 1 st: Start with the dates that are important to your business

Take an annual calendar and note on these dates or time intervals that are important to you. For example, discount periods, periods of renewal of your product stock or holiday periods such as Christmas and Easter.

Step 2 nd: Mark the “dead” periods

Note in the same calendar periods when you are not active or the traffic is low, e.g. if your business closes in August, the months or periods when your sales number is low.

Step 3 rd: Add your email campaigns

Once you have a full picture of your activity, it is time to add when you send your email. Ask yourself first: When is the right time to send my email? have a clothing and footwear business and summer discounts start on July 9th, it is a good idea to send your promotional email as early as June. Fill in the date in the calendar.

You also have to think if you will send one or a line of email for the promotion you are planning:


  • An email : a week before

  • Email Series : It could be sending three emails with which:

  1. You will announce the offer or event, e.g. 2 weeks ago.


  3. You’ll be sending a reminder, e.g. a week before.

  5. You will send the last reminder (last chance), e.g. a day before.

See, for example, who could be designing a lingerie business to promote a discount offer for the Day of Friends:

It is obvious that another result would have had the above design and another, certainly worse, if the aforementioned business decided to send only one email, one day before or on the day of Saint. Valentine.

The same scheduling applies not only to promotional emails for products and services, but also to emails designed to offer quality content related to your activity and satisfy a need of your audience . If, for example, you are trading with oil painting, you can create a user guide or a video on your website for those who want to paint on their own and create a campaign for it. This campaign can then be sent to you e.g. from May or June when such activities usually take place.

Summing up, we once again emphasize how important it is to plan your email sending . It can initially be difficult to make an annual planning. Do not hesitate, start with the design of the first quarter. This will give you the necessary impetus and confidence to continue. With the steps outlined above you will have made the important start for successful email campaigns!

Tip : Take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of experts and contact us to build together your Email Marketing strategy.


Dimitris Kroggos is SEA consultant, certified Google AdWords Expert.

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