What to do and what not to do when sending bulk emails!

If your bulk email is not working, then you need to redefine your approach. Do a lot of testing and do not rest in the results you have. There is always something else. Even a small change can bring an extra phone, an extra email, an extra sale. Email marketing has unlimited possibilities and can do wonders if we avoid some basic mistakes and put emphasis on the tactics they attribute.

It is true that nowadays there are many ways to communicate with our prospective customers. However, email marketing has a prominent place because of its comparatively low cost and at the same time its high return on investment return (ROI).

In this article we will remind you of the basics of email marketing. We will mention the practices you have to follow or continue to apply as well as those that you do not have to do or should stop to see serious results.

Avoid the following practices in your campaigns


  • Fatigue with frequent shipments

You usually ask us: “How often should I send my email? Once a month? Twice? How many?” There is no golden rule, because it depends on the product or service you offer. Do you want to update or advertise? Ask yourself, can you really say something remarkable and useful to your recipient if you send it one more time? The practice of constantly bombarding our recipients by email usually causes reactions, resulting in a high number of deletions. Put a limit on shipments and beware if the extra mission you want to do will offer something extra, something more useful to your recipient that you should not miss!


  • Buy-Rent List

Do not buy, rent, do not borrow lists of emails from unknown sources. As easy as it is, in the end you will not have the results you want. These lists are usually used by third parties and the addresses they contain are neither reliable nor reflect potential customers interested in your services and products. Try to build slowly but with quality content your own list using simple and easy ways .


  • You are impatient!

We have too many customers who, in the context of the e-mail marketing test-exploration, feel it is enough to send bulk emails once, for example. to 25,000 recipients. They think, “but 30-40 of the 25,000 email I sent will not care? They will not get a phone?”. So they do the mission, everything goes well, but there are no expected results. They are disappointed, they consider email marketing to fail and they never send email again. Have you ever thought that your recipient receives 35 to 50 emails per day? Who to first read? The emails of his clients? Of its suppliers? Of his associates? His personal? Who should she first meet? Unless you think the recipient is sitting on his computer and waiting for your email! As you send offers with high expectations, so do many others like you. The secret to email marketing is the repetition, patience and perseverance in your plan !


  • Excessive intimacy

Stop being too familiar when preparing an email to send. Avoid greetings such as “Friend Nick”, “Hi Joy” etc. It is good to have a personal approach, but not very familiar. Prepare your newsletter in a way that the client understands you know him and your motivation for this mission is clear.

Start the following practices


  • Give personal tone

It is very important to give a personal color to our emails without exaggerating. Try next time to add the recipient’s name to the email, for example, “Dear Nikos” or “Dear Mr. Demetriou”. Also, you send your email from a personal account and not from “no-reply”, “info”, “sales”


  • Target the right audience

Your missions should be directed only to those who would like to know about your products or services. An eshop that sells many product categories may be able to appeal to different business categories. Different products are of interest to the doctor, the engineer and the companies. Divide your audience based on region, occupation, postal code. Do not send to contacts from purchased lists that have a series of emails without any additional information.


  • Ask about deletions

If your subscribers are started and deleted in bulk, then you should find the cause behind them. Try new ways to gain the trust of lost customers and act accordingly.


  • Experiment with Artwork

See what form best performs and TESTS on different lists. Make something simple and then something more complex. Compare the shipment statistics. Compare the open rate of emails between your shipments? Which template was the most profitable? At EmailSYSTEM we provide you with a powerful editor for the newsletter. However, if you are not covered by the FREE tool and you want something more complex, tell us and we will respond immediately!


  • Look for new ideas that it renders

Do not stop exploring new ideas that appeal to your customers. You can get their opinion on his needs and how to cover them. If you stop opening your email, find alternative ways to tempt them to read them.


Email marketing can do wonders if proper attention is paid. Competition is quite high nowadays and careful planning is required before we act. You must have patience and perseverance and your efforts will be rewarded.

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