What is the best day to send my email?

It is true that most who use bulk email in one way or another are ultimately aiming to increase their sales. Through emails, they are trying to increase the readability rate, that is, the percentage of those who open the open rate and will read it with the logic “Most readers email, the more likely they are to increase sales.”

One of the factors that affects the readability of the email and consequently the success of the campaign (with the logic we described in the above paragraph) is also the choosing the right day for the missions to be done.

In order to be able to answer this question, we decided to look back at the rich information in our database. Although there are many studies that have been made from time to time by great companies abroad, we wanted to see whether the Greek market confirms these studies or follows its own trend. Our goal was to analyze our statistics to help us (and ourselves) really see what is the most popular day of the week that records the greatest traffic in email sent by our customers.

src = “https://www.emailsystem.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07 /email-opens.gif “alt =” email-open “/>
In the chart above, in blue, depictions of missions per day are shown. At the same time, we show for comparison purposes in red, when these shipments were opened by the recipients and in green when the most clicks were made.

We notice email . The top, most popular day for both mailing and overall readability is Thursday . Note that from Wednesday to Friday, this daily weekly, percentages are high enough that people are reading and updated by email you send in the middle of the week .

Also, the fact that the “OPEN” and “CLICK” rates are in line with missions, states that email the day they receive it . This is very important given and overthrows a myth or suspicion that many people believed in Greece that many recipients do not open their email the same day but in one, two and three days after receipt!

Although we expected higher rates on Monday, due to the fact that it is the first day after the weekend and the week starts, most people read their emails, it seems to be out of the question. This reasoning is also confirmed by the corresponding percentages of the recipients who opened the email and clicked on them. It seems that Monday because of the daily workload is less popular than the other days.

Also, weekend shipments are less than the rest of the days. People are choosing to read their emails on Sunday and not on Saturday. An interpretation of this behavior could be that Sunday in general is a more restful day. So most people find time and read their correspondence.
We will also (again) emphasize that each campaign you send is affected primarily by two reasons:

1) to whom it is addressed (companies, professionals, individuals, etc.). Everyone is informed via email sent on different days and hours. Their available time is especially important if you promote promotional newsletters. The right timing is required to enable someone to read, search and come to the product or service you offer. For example, if your email is received by a company employee on Monday morning, there is time pressure and work is enough, it is very likely that it will not give any meaning to what you offer as well as a good product or service you have.

2) In which geographic area the email shipments are made (Greece, Europe, America, etc). Time difference is a big issue and needs attention, especially in countries where the time difference can reach 7-8 hours, such as America, China, Australia, etc.

Before deciding when to send your next campaign, you should have already studied the following: What times and what days do your competitors choose to send their own email? What time do you get your email? When you receive it read it directly?

Of all the above, one can conclude that the missions made during the week have the greatest response. This is a good start, a basis for planning your next assignment. However, always the best way to verify whether the above statistics really make sense for your case, is ONLY through testing. You have to try and try again, until you come to what day or days, your recipients, your target market best performs in the newsletter you send them.

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