What is Email Marketing? Advantages and Disadvantages of Email Marketing!

Email Marketing also belongs to the largest family of marketing science and it concerns the use of email as a means of promoting and informing buyers about the products and services offered by the advertiser.

In short, we could say that email marketing is the digital-electronic version of classical mail. Instead of sending promotional brochures, letters and coupons via mail (e.g., ELTA), we use the email to convey and transmit the same message. Of course, with conventional mail it is extremely difficult to measure the impact that your campaigns will have. With email marketing you can see sophisticated analytical statistics that count who opened the email, who read it, what day and time and where did you click .

Although one might claim that every email we send in one way or another is aimed at selling a good, email marketing is not solely for the ultimate purpose of a commercial transaction. Email marketing can be used:


  • For simple information for new ideas such as fashion trends and latest technology developments

  • For best practices such as cooking recipes or “DIY – Do It Yourself” solutions

  • For tightening relationships with both old and potential customers, such as sending greetings to Christmas or Easter

  • To complete a questionnaire

  • To send an invitation to an event

Email Marketing Advantages


  1. Low Cost . There are no shipping, stamps, printing costs, envelopes, baggings and many hours of work for specialists such as graphic designers, web designers, etc.

  3. Easy and fast to use . Many email bulk email applications , such as EmailSYSTEM, allow you to create artwork – template to create your own e-brochure-newsletter yourself, as you think, as you wish. So, you do not always need “the specialist”, you do not spend money, and you can try out what possible combinations of visual arts you want.


  5. Send personalized messages . You can personally greet each e-mail like “Hello Mr. Nicholas” so you can personalize the email itself.

  6.   . You can create smaller, more organized emails such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc., and send targeted campaigns with special products, special offers, etc.


  7. Detailed statistics . As mentioned above, advanced email marketing programs , such as EmailSYSTEM, have detailed statistics that count opened the email, who read it, what day and time and where he clicked. For each professional, for each company, small or large, it’s important to know the performance of all the promotional activities that are made.


  9. Environmentally Friendly . Think about savings on typographic paper and ink through email usage.

Email marketing, however, is not only positive. There are negative or if you want, risks that must always be taken into account in every promotional action we make.

Email Marketing Disadvantages


  1. We all receive emails for which we have never given our consent to senders to send us informative email. If you have not received the recipient’s consent to email him, consider a spammer. If you send messages and “tire” your recipients or for example do not give them the possibility to immediately delete them from your lists, this can lead many recipients to complaints. Also, purchased mail lists , are undergoing enormous legal risk as long as you do not know who you are actually sending email.

  3. Because spam is now millions on a daily basis, many e-mail providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and large ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have sophisticated filters that recognize email that does not meet some basic specifications by directing it to the spam folder -junk. As we all know, if a message ends up in the spam folder, it is unlikely to be read by the recipients: It is as if this email has not been sent. Also, many of these providers enable the user himself, by pressing the spam button, to create a message history, a profile, for the messages of that sender. So, if there are many complaints from multiple recipients, you even put your own domain in jeopardy.


  5. One of the most serious problems that you may encounter is the common look (compatibility) of the newsletter you will make to all email clients. The email itself may appear differently in Outlook 2007, differently in Outlook 2003, differently in Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and differently on mobile phones. So to make it appear everywhere the same, you need to spend a lot on energy and most likely in money.

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