The role of colors in a newsletter

Some colors work better than others in specific contexts. When was the last time you saw a Christmas advertising theme in pink and orange?

You will not be surprised to learn that the majority of consumers say that color is the most important factor affecting their choice of everyday items. That’s why you need to be careful when choosing the colors for your newsletter.

Discussions about the concept of color are almost as old as time, but the scientific approach to the theory of color that began in the 18th century with Newton’s discovery of the prism of light. The effect of color on human feelings was examined by Goethe in 1810 in The Science of Color.

The Psychology of Colors

Each color has its own feelings but often varies in different regions. For example, white is associated with cleanliness and innocence in the West but with bad luck in Asia.

This is one reason why you should always consider what kind of feelings you are trying to show to your subscribers. Want to use exciting red, cheerful yellow or relaxing blue shades? Sometimes you also have to look at what its audience is, since men and women often have different preferences when it comes to colors. If you send a newsletter for women, you can use softer pastel instead of stronger colors as you might have done with men.

Just every known brand you can think of uses colors to affect feelings. Among the top 100 brands in the world, 33% of them use blue in their logos, red in 29%, black or shades of gray in 28% and yellow in 13%.

Red is a very strong and intense color. It is connected with power, energy and love, but also with the danger. It is good to attract attention and that is why it is used to communicate important messages for quick decisions, such as STOP. It is also widely used in sales.

Companies such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull, McDonald’s and H&M are using red for these reasons.

Use red in your campaigns to:

attract the attention of subscribers
to motivate them to take action
to be informed about sales or special offers

Yellow is related to happiness, energy, sunshine and optimism. Often used to pay attention, especially in square quotes. With the yellow all feel comfortable and that’s why we often see it in holiday brochures.

IKEA, Shell, Nikon and others agree that the yellow works well.

Use yellow in your campaigns to:

holiday promotion
to attract attention
products for children

The Orange manages to include the two properties we have already mentioned, combining the energy of red and the happiness of the yellow, and that is why it is often associated with fun and youth. Orange also has an appetite effect, making it a common choice among brands in the food and beverage sector.

Just ask Fanta, Orange and Amazon what they think about orange.

Use orange in your campaigns to:

promote the food
cause positive energy, fun, warmth and joy

In the next article we will talk about the other basic colors


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