The 7 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing

Have you ever heard of the seven deadly sins? It was originally a list of rules to avoid moral traps that include laziness, envy and greed.

Today, these seven traps often appear in popular culture, including the Se7en thriller and Morgan Spurlock’s 7th Deadly Sins.

As marketers marketers we need a list of major risks so we avoid them and stop wondering why our email campaign did not succeed.

In this article, you will discover the seven sins of e-marketing that we should avoid the seven virtues of e-mail marketing to create a successful marketing email strategy.

Sin #1: disappear after you send the message for “welcome”

Many send an automated message once someone enters their list and then subscribers receive nothing for months. Some are afraid of being described as spammers. Whatever the reason, you must have interactive contact with your list on a regular basis.

Virtue #1: Regularly sending your newsletter to the public

Send email to your blog or podcast list, notifications, quick tips, or other useful content. Then send your company news, new products or related offers.

And always remember: Emails subscribed to your list are interested in you, your content and what you have to say. If you provide valuable content, you will never be a spammer.

Sin #2: Panic when users are deleted from your list

There are many reasons why people are deleted from your list and you do not have to worry about most of them. Panic keeps you back and can finally make you hesitate to send email to your list.

Virtue #2: Remember that people who are really interested will be registered.

Users who find that they are not eligible for your list may leave, and when they do, it will save you time, money and energy.

To combat this fear, you can easily turn off deletion alerts and do not regularly check how many have dropped your list.

Sin #3: Too little or no promotion

If you send too many offers to your list, your subscribers may be bothered and less likely to buy from you. On the other hand, if you do not send them relevant offers, you run the risk of being taken for granted and indifferent.

Virtue #3: Achieving the perfect balance of publishing precious content and presenting relevant offers

The best thing you can do for your list is to send a balanced mix of high quality content and regular offers.

Sin #4: Trying to do too much in an email

Nothing is worse than an email that will include too many links to many different pieces of content, pages and sales offers.

In particular, you just do not have to overload your readers with too much information (and too many links) in an email.

If you try to send large content to an email, your reader will be more likely to think, “I’ll read it later” or possibly delete the email.

Virtue #4: Concentrate on a call to action

Try to stick with a single call to action in each email if you can. Do you want someone to read the last post on your blog? Excellent! Stay focused on it and place clear and easily clickable links.

If you are sending a newsletter and multiple links are inevitable, make sure that each article is highlighted so your content is manageable.

Sin #5: Being boring

Try to make your newsletter stand out and be written in a delicate tone and beautiful images. It has been observed that emails written in strict tone and dull colors quickly end up in the unwanted.

Virtue #5: Show a piece of your personality

Your subscribers want to know what you like, what you hate and what you represent.

Do not be afraid to open yourself in your emails by telling stories, sharing your opinions or showing a piece of your personal side.

Your subscribers will love it and will be much more likely to read your emails.

Sin #6: Sending non-mobile emails

More than 65 percent of emails are now open to smartphones and tablets.

There is no excuse for this huge sin in 2017. Respect the multitude of users who read their emails daily on their mobile or tablet.

Virtue #6: Sending messages in one column

Use a single column layout and check your email on mobile devices to make it easy to navigate and click on your test links.

Sin #7: Do not neglect the design of an intelligent email marketing strategy

This sin can be deadly for your business. A badly designed newsletter can hurt your site’s traffic, your next promotion and your overall reputation.

Virtue #7: Organize your every move carefully before pressing “send”

You will need to specify exactly what the mission will be, what your goals are and how your email will look like.

These seven deadly sins can be avoided in the digital world of marketing, and when you get away from them, you will come a step closer to completing your goals.

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