Simplicity wins the reader in email marketing

Many times in our effort to compile the ideal email, we are discouraged. Studies have shown that the opening rate is below 24%, so the chances are against us. So how do we increase the percentage of users who will open it and care about our services or products? The key is in simplicity.

The rule of ONE

Think of the last big online campaign you’ve received. Was it lengthy, with many paragraphs and read it from beginning to end? I do not think.

For a campaign to succeed, it should have a Goal. One audience. Do not forget, you have 8.25 seconds to distract the reader and urge him to take further action.

In sending a newsletter , you should always keep in mind a clear goal. If your goal is to remind the reader about a product in their shopping cart or a simple welcome message, every newsletter item should support this goal.

Surveys have shown that most readers omit entries, so be brief and comprehensible on the introduction as well as on the rest of the email. Directness plays an important role and shows the reader that you appreciate their precious time.

Regardless of which audience you are addressing, you will surely have customers with different needs. So it is necessary to separate your list to send targeted email .

The Clinique campaign below is a representative example of the ENOS rule. It is totally targeted at a common, adult men, who have a common interest in skin care for the summer.

Size counts

A Boomerang study has shown that emails ranging from 50 to 125 words have the best response rates, just over 50%. So these newsletters are immediately and soon, allowing the reader to digest the information quickly and respond. If you exceed 125 words, by 2000, you will have a response rate of 35% (according to the survey). 80% of the recipients who open the email do not read it, just take a quick look at it. By following the rule of ONE, you focus on the essence, eliminating the possibility of ignoring what you write.

Just use Greek

Your subscribers need quality content. This does not mean that they will bother to read carefully and make a tip. So be simple and direct.

A representative example of a complex email is the application for research funds from a British professor. In his application he mentions “The cognitive measurement of consumer criteria for the values ​​of the manufacturer’s parameters in the texture of the biscuit.” Translation; He wanted to study how the texture of the biscuit affects the enjoyment of eating a biscuit.

Be careful before sending your campaign

Once you’ve prepared your email, it’s important to check how it looks across devices and mobiles. 70% of consumers immediately turn off the email if it does not look right on their mobile phone. That’s why we always say, keep testing.

In the Emailsystem you can choose from a collection of ready-made templates that are fully functional on mobile devices .

Source: emailonacid.com

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