Optimize newsletters to look everywhere right

Nowadays we need to make sure that our newsletter will look good in many different programs, Gmail , Outlook and Yahoo! Mail . In addition to this, we must also think of mobile users, as 53% of users read their emails on their mobile or tablet.

You do not have to panic, in this article we will help you get along with the different email clients. Before analyzing ways to optimize, let’s look at the most popular clients.

Top 10 Top Email Programs


  1. Apple iPhone’s Mail app (28% of users)

  3. Gmail (16% of users)

  5. Apple iPad’s Mail app (11% of users)

  7. Google Android’s Mail app (9% of users)

  9. Outlook (9% of users)

  11. Apple Mail desktop app (8% of users)

  13. com (6% of users)

  15. Yahoo! Mail (4% of users)

  17. Windows Live Mail (2% of users)

  19. AOL Mail (1% of users)

Optimize email for different email clients


  • Include online version (See it in the browser)

Some email clients and mobile devices do not support HTML code, so it’s important to place a link to see your email in the browser. In this way, everyone will be able to see your newsletter exactly as you designed it. In EmailSYSTEM, you can do it from the ADAPTED FIELD ADD and put the link (%% webversion %%)


  • Make sure the links have an absolute path

When using a relative path (/page) then it is very likely that recipients can not see the page. That is why you should always use links with an absolute path, ie ( http://www.site.gr/page ).

In EmailSYSTEM you define the link from the INSERT/EDIT LINK menu

The same applies to images. Enter an image from the INSERT IMAGE menu


  • Put other text in images

Many email programs block images. Therefore, it is important to set alt text to understand your email, even without images. The alt text is displayed when the image is not loaded.

Which email clients block the images

Tips for photos:

Outlook does not support background images, so do not use it. Better set a background color and place your images elsewhere.

Hotmail does not support Image maps, that is, images with hyperlinks at some points.

Lotus Notes does not support .png images, so use JPG or GIF for security.


  • Set height and width in images

This ensures that your newsletter will not “break” even if the images are not loaded. Also, it is very important that you do not upload large photos, which you then shorten. It is better to edit and modify them to the desired size and then upload them.


  • Test before you send the campaign

On your campaign management page, at the bottom you can send a test shipment to a recipient to see how your mail will look. For more reliable results, we recommend that you send a regular group to 3-4 emails.

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