Make it easier to read your email

Has this ever happened to you? You are sending a newsletter with information about a service or product. You are 100% sure that you have answered all the relevant questions that may arise. But you continue to get answers to questions you have covered in the email.

Why do not they bother to read the email?

Before you get frustrated and say that people are no longer reading, ask yourself if you made it easy for you. Besides, what we want is for the recipients to read it and make a purchase, not to ignore it and to delete it. And in reading on the computer, the conditions are completely different than reading a book or a newspaper.

Check out some tips to make your newsletter legible and tempting for the recipient to purchase your service or product.

First, please answer: “What action do you want the reader to take?”

Many times the reason people ignore emails is because there is too much information in them.

Think about how often you control your emails while in the supermarket or between business meetings. There is not much time to look for a lot of information.

Asking for an answer to the question “What action do you want the reader to take?” focus on yourself to include only information that causes the reader to take action.

Keep your content concise and easy to scan quickly.

Now that your newsletter focuses on and leads to a particular goal, you should present it in a way that is easy for the reader to understand.

Users usually see the mail quickly before they read it. If the content of the message appears to be intimidating … Delete!

Keep the content brief and put the most important information on. Make your message text easy in a quick look using short sentences and separate large pieces of text into short paragraphs. Make sure you use the dot points when creating a list.

How big should your email be?


  • A good rule: image, paragraph, and call to action.

  • The image should be relevant to your newsletter topic. Choose an image that shows what the reader can expect, feel or experience if he takes the action you want to follow.

  • Use a title to get the reader’s attention. Headline text should be larger than body text to grab attention. Use a 22-point font.


  • Make sure your call to action stands out. Use a button or a white space around your link.

Use a mobile e-mail template.

If it’s not easy for your reader to see your email, especially on a mobile device, you’re having trouble.

An email standard that responds to mobile responds to the device on which it is read. Whether you are on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer, you can be sure your email looks great and is easy to read.

EmailSYSTEM has a full choice of mobile-responsive templates, so you do not have to worry about your message looks great – on any device.



  • Keep your email focused on a goal

  • Use an image that supports your content

  • Make your text easy to hasty (scan)

  • Use short sentences

  • Separate paragraphs

  • Use bullets

  • Make sure your call to action stands out

Try these tips to see what impact it has on your overall results. And maybe you will not be wondering anymore, because people are not reading emails today.

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