Give life to your email campaigns

Did your company’s email marketing campaigns have lost their profitability? Do you notice a downward trend in interaction with recipients? If so, then you urgently need to refresh and improve your campaigns, and quickly. It is natural for our customers to lose interest over time but it is up to us to take the necessary steps to revitalize our relationships with them.

Begin using new message formats to increase interactivity and user interaction. A welcome message, a confirmation email or, in general, automated messages, have a higher percentage of exposure than regular Newsletters. An example is when the user updates his profile. Then it is a good idea to receive a confirmation email and thanks for using your platform. These changes will give a boost to your successful campaigns.

An inevitable consequence in email marketing is subscribers who never open their email or have to answer for months. Increasing the number of these subscribers will lead to a decrease in your credibility and possibly to spam complaints. Using the right tools, isolate these inactive customers and remove them from your lists. By acting preventively you will save time and money and, in addition, only the ones that really care about will receive your business news and offers.

In addition to the above actions, it is important to see the entire communication experience from the customer side. Would you like to receive messages so often? Is the content you are sending what a subscriber would expect? You are most likely to answer the above questions positively, but that is not enough. Creating a questionnaire when a user is deleted will give you a clearer picture of how your subscribers are thinking and you will be able to find the parameters you need to improve in the future.

Additionally, in addition to improving email quality and shipping frequency, it is important that your Newsletters are properly displayed on all devices. There are many online testimonials available online to see your campaign as it will be shown on tablets, mobiles and laptops. The use of mobile devices is constantly increasing and the lack of responsive design of your campaign will result in fewer opening them and of course their next move will be to be deleted from your lists.

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Κατανοώ και αποδέχομαι ότι η φόρμα αυτή συλλέγει το email μου αποκλειστικά για την αποστολή ενημερωτικών emails. Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες Πολιτική προστασίας προσωπικών δεδομένων

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