Email vs. social media

Social media platforms are based on email for their functions, such as welcome, confirmation, change of password, etc. Besides, it is necessary to have an email address so that you can subscribe to either Facebook or Twitter.

Globally, 2.6 billion users have email, double the number of active users on Twitter and facebook together. This shows us the opportunity for marketers to increase their traffic and sales by sending a newsletter. In addition, email is 40 times more effective in finding a new client than social media.

The biggest difference of sending an email by posting something on social media is that almost all registered users will receive it, while in other cases we will not. Also, the email will remain (until deleted) while the post is instant and will expire.

Take advantage of social media

The best thing to do is to use social media as an extra way of displaying and not to replace our email campaigns. Remember MySpace, it’s a proof that even the most popular social media media can be abandoned over time.

Although social media has its positive and negative ones, it is unquestionable that it is a revolutionary and modern promotional tool. And even better, it’s very easy to combine it with email. You can very well in signing up for your newsletter to include links to your social media accounts.

Additionally, social networking channels are amazing to get in touch with your audience in a direct way. Email marketing will help strengthen this relationship, both in the short and the long term.

Focus on both

Being active in both email marketing and social media can be difficult and time-consuming, but these two can go hand in hand.
In addition, both are very powerful tools that aim to interact with prospective customers and sales.

But there must be a balance between these two tools and not compete with one another. When this balance is reached, then you will maximize your earnings and traffic.

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