Email Marketing can lead to wrong conclusions?

Suppose an entrepreneur owns a product that he thinks is the best of the market. He thinks it is a real opportunity, which everyone ought to have. Or assume that you are a freelancer and provide a service that the world wants too much, needs it in its daily routine, do a fantastic job and offer it at a really low price. The common element in both cases is that a product or service is actually available for the benefit of the consumer.

For the world to learn, they both decide, one for his product and the other for his service, to rely on email marketing is the ideal tool to quickly reach their message.

Their first step realizes that they are the email addresses. They do not have it! They have to find – in a way – these emails to send. They think that “the more emails, the better”, so they start searching and buy, rent or borrow some listings from companies, friends, etc. They do not know what email they are, whether they belong to a man or a woman in Athens, in Thessaloniki, Greece or abroad. They do not know whether they are private or corporate email. They do not know if he who receives it knows how to read Greek. They know nothing but the one who gave them to them, said they were “good”, “Greek” email. Thus, they collect a total of 50,000 emails. After choosing the right company to support them in email marketing , they start shipping. Everything goes well, missions have been made without problems but the results are completely hopeless. Not a phone!

What happened? What could be wrong?

Thoughts …
When an entrepreneur sends the newsletter to 50,000 email, the least he is waiting for is a good number of those who received the email. Hypothetically, we could say that he would receive at least 50 serious proposals via email or telephone, ie 0.1% of the recipients. In fact, he did not receive any phone calls or very little. Is it not normal to feel enormous disappointment? So much time, effort, energy, risk and finally there was no return! Does email marketing do not work? Is it overpriced?

When a 50,000 emails mission shows low open rate statistics of 1% to 3%, that is, that the email was read from 500 to 1500 recipients, it is normal to say that the campaign was unsuccessful. What happened and did not go well? Has not it been sent at the right time and day ? Did not everyone get it and there was a technical problem? Is it, or is it …?

All of the above do you think they belong to the realm of fantasy? We inform you that no. It is a series of events, thoughts and reactions that are due to a single reason. In the bad list of email used. This is the reason, this is the problem and no further analysis is needed. End and Dash

Email marketing involves a targeted audience. It works when we know who we send when we know basic things about our recipient. Only then will he open and read the email. Then he only cares to listen, learn, read and get informed about the new products or services we offer him. Does it make sense to send thousands of email to recipients who do not read Greek? Does it make sense to send an email to promote home services when the recipient is 900 kilometers away? An email of the form grep197@hotmail.com do you know whether it is Greek or not? Do you know who or what its owner is? In general, does it tell you anything?

When we do not know where we send it is like sticking blindly, like relying on luck to find new customers. If we were to ask you face-to-face if you support your company’s sales at random, you’re most likely to respond negatively.

However, the most common excuses we hear in all of the above are “… it can not out of the 50,000 emails, you will not find someone to get a phone or be interested in what I offer.” In turn, we ask, “Have you ever thought of what happens if one of those 50,000 recipients you do not know and denounces you or commits court proceedings against you if it is worth the risk?” If you take an example from yourself and are not given meaning, you do not deal or do not make a complaint, that does not mean that no one else will. If all of this seems to be overturned, we can assure you that it is not. The legal consequences are very important . Complaints or Courts are a bitter reality and believe our experience is not good for those who use email lists from unreliable and suspicious sources.

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