Email Marketing 2017

When we refer to the concept of email marketing, we mean the method of promoting our services by email to potential or existing customers.

Email Marketing Types

Many people associate the concept of email marketing with all the corporate email they receive. But by default email marketing is the following three types of mail:


  • Sending an email from the merchant to the customer with a view to relaunching the customer relationship and reselling services.

  • Advertising ads to acquire new customers.

  • Corporate News for Client Information as well as a link to the corporate page.

Email marketing history

It all started in the early 1990s, when the Internet bloom began and more and more users were online. Over time, both advertisers and website owners have begun to promote their products through informative emails. Email marketing has been added to existing conventional advertising and correspondence, and in 1995 it has overtaken classic mail in the US. Nowadays, it is an indispensable tool for every professional advertiser.

Why integrate email marketing into my business ad?

Today, people can be socially switched, but email promotion remains a powerful method, which should fit into the advertising campaigns of a business. The reasons are as follows:


  • The cost of sending a campaign email is relatively low.

  • Email is direct and personal to every user who receives it.

  • An email account is the email address of each user and usually keeps it for a long time and checks for new messages frequently.

Email Marketing Rules and Codes

Like any internet activity, in this case, there are some risks. The most common is your company to be classified as sending spam emails without user approval and blocking your outgoing mail. Also, the way the user’s address was obtained is of great importance. It should have added it voluntarily to the list and not be a third-source device. Additionally, the recipient must be able to stop receiving your emails, ie delete them from the list at any time they want. Finally, Content must not be abusive and offensive.

In any case, large and serious companies are trying to combat this phenomenon, as email marketing is a strategy in which they invest economically and is the main way to promote their services.

Email marketing services

To get the best results from this strategy, we recommend using professional tools to send your emails. In Greece, trust the top service of deZitech dynamics , the emailsystem , where you can make a free trial signup with full platform features for sending up to 1000 (1000) emails.

The above service allows you to customize your newsletter content as you wish, manage your contacts, and provide you with a wealth of statistical information (e.g., undelivered mail, not opened, how many clicks were made into links).

Finally, we protect your correspondence from being classified as spam, giving professional status to mass mailing.

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