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In Facebook Marketing usually a good way to get started is Dynamic Ads (targeted promotions). It is the fastest and easiest way to get immediate results. However, there is another very effective type of ad that will bring you sales and help you in creating your email subscribers list.

In this article we will look at the creation of LEAD advertising, or as it is called in Greek by Facebook, “Finding Candidates”.

Why use LEAD Ads?

We do not need to put forward arguments about whether email marketing works effectively. You already know that through the newsletters you send you can increase your sales. But if you do not use Facebook to build your list, then you do not make the most of the available marketing tools. The other Facebook campaigns are able to increase your site’s traffic, and of course sales, but LEAD ads are a direct way for users to subscribe to your list!

Let’s see two reasons these ads are the ideal way to collect emails

Forms are already complete

Every practitioner knows how difficult it is to design properly structured forms for collecting emails – whether we collect all the information they need, or the visitor gets confused by the lot of information and is away. When a prospective customer clicks on the Facebook ad, we have already done our work, the form is automatically filled in with the information he has posted on the popular platform, such as name, phone, email.


Facebook ads are optimized for better display on mobile devices, they are fast and at last they need little effort to set up.

How to create LEAD ads.

It is not very difficult to set up a new candidate search campaign, but if you have not done it before, you may get confused.

We’ll look at all the steps and show you examples to decide for yourself what works best for your business.

And as we always say, continuous testing is our ally.

First Step

The first step you need to do is to install the Facebook tracking image on your website ( tracking pixel ) .

This will allow you to monitor your campaign performance based on your audience’s behavior per device (desktop, mobile).

Then sign in to your Facebook account and go to Ad Manager. Click ‘Create Advertising’ and select ‘Find Candidates’ or English Lead Generation. Enter a name for your campaign and proceed to the next step where we create the target audience we are targeting.

Target the right audience

In creating audiences, you can customize it as you like, by age, region, or income, for example.

You can start from scratch and create your audience or use the capabilities of targeted audiences (if you have the tracking pixel installed correctly).

This means you can target customers who:


  • They have already purchased from your page

  • They have visited your page within a time frame (e.g., the last 30 days)

  • There is some time left on a specific page

Of course, from here you can make the audience more specific, for example only women aged 18-24.

Ad type

The next step is the type of ad you run. Facebook offers the following:


  • Carousel

  • An image

  • A video

  • Slideshow

Depending on your goals, you can choose one of the above – but the carousel is a mix of moving pictures or videos that spark the visitor’s attention among many image ads.

See ad specifications for each

One Image Ad


  • Uploading images

  • 1200 x 628 pixels, image ratio 1.91: 1

  • Avoid overlay text

Video ad


  • Support .mov, .mp4, or .gif files

  • 2.3 GB maximum size

  • 720p + resolution, screen ratio (16: 9)

  • Duration: Less than 60 minutes

Slideshow Specifications


  • High-resolution images or videos

  • Display ratio (16: 9)

  • Duration: Less than 50 seconds

Carousel specifications


  1. Photo

  • Automatically place images from the web page (select field)

  • 1080×1080 pixels, 1: 1 image ratio

  • Avoid overlay text

2. Slideshow


  • High-resolution images or videos

  • Duration: Less than 50 seconds

3. Video


  • .mp4 or .mov (GIFs allowed)

  • 720p + resolution, 1: 1 ratio

  • 2.3 GB maximum file size

  • Duration: Less than 60 minutes


Queries should include the minimum, email and full name, but you are not bound to them alone.

You can ask for more details about the visitor, such as phone, gender, job, whether she is married or not.

As mentioned earlier, it is best that many of these fields will be automatically populated if the user has a new Facebook profile.

Of course, you do not have to use all the queries provided by the platform, focus on what you need to know, depending on the type of promotion you are making.

Privacy Policy

You should include a link to the terms of use of your page. Your users rely on the disclosure of their personal data, that they will not be shared with third parties. Facebook’s policy explicitly forbids the sale of these listings.

Finally, include a link to your website, and you’ll see new visitors and naturally prospective customers.

Source: campaignmonitor.com

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