Color Analysis in a Newsletter (continued)

Green refers to nature, ecology, health, safety and tranquility. Depending on its color, you can emphasize other properties such as light green for freshness and dark green for ambition. Green is often used to promote natural products and companies that want to build trust and environmental campaigns.

Among other things, green is used by BP, Android, Animal Planet and Starbucks.

Use green for:


  • ecological products

  • Medicines

  • Fruits and vegetables

Blue exudes confidence, knowledge, skill and cleanliness. It is also largely related to water, air and the sky. This is why blue is often used by airlines, technology companies and cleaning companies.

Companies such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, Ford, ORALB and Nokia use the blue color in their logos.

Use blue for:


  • Enhance trust in your trademark

  • promoting cleaning and medication

  • Products related to water and air

The M Black is a strong but classic and elegant color that we often associate with luxury, strength and professionalism.

Sony and Honda use black in their logos.

Use black for:


  • Enhance your brand exclusivity

  • promote fashion products

Brown is associated with nature and sincerity, but also with chocolate and warmth. It is often used to promote natural products because of its connection to land and trees, but also to restaurants, cafes and food. Along with gold that exudes exclusivity.

Among other things, coffee is used by M & amp; M, UPS and Louis Vuitton.

Use coffee in:


  • Underline the physical nature of a product

  • promotion of cafes and restaurants

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