6 creative ways to grow your email list

Increasing the list of emails is one of the most important pieces for a successful Email Marketing strategy but at the same time one challenge.

There are many tools you can use to enrich your list of emails. In this article we will look at some methods and examples of how we can enrich our list with more quality subscribers as possible.

Use registration form (notifying what they will do if they sign up)

Using a registration form on your list is a simple, easy and very effective way of enriching your list. This method works best if you have a physical store to have face-to-face interaction with customers.

It is important to understand the benefit to subscribers. Will they have special offers? Will they learn about new products? Specify it at the end of your form to make it clear.

You will have noticed some department stores that give you a checkout form to fill in your email. Smart and efficient way to get their customers’ e-mail addresses.

Place a registration form on your website

Many prospective customers first encounter about your business are your website. Do not miss the opportunity to interact in this way.

According to our customer testimony, incorporating the registration form on their page has opened new prospects.

“These subscribers appreciate that they are receiving news from our company, because they have expressed their interest in registering.”

Contact deZitech dynamics for inclusion on your own website.

Check your sources

Do not underestimate your personal database with contacts that include colleagues, friends and family members. It may well be a basis for increasing your list.

The people of your close circle are the ones who will embrace your effort and promote it to their own circles.

Share gifts with registration

Depending on the type of business you can create in digital format to download the subscribers a tutorial in PDF or, more generally, a digital product useful to the user. See it as a contributor thanks to your prospective customers. This gives them an incentive to subscribe, which increases the list of emails.

Add to Member Registration Form

If you have members on your website and ask for their members to register as a member, a very smart and efficient way is to add an extra field that the user checks and will also be listed on your list.

A well-known gym chain uses this method in the new member registration form and within one year it has reached 9,000 subscribers.

Take advantage of Facebook’s strength

Our paid Facebook ads allow us to run campaigns to obtain email.

Users who are registered are based on the profile we want, depending on where they stay, their age and interests. So our list gets targeted registered users.

Read more in our article on creating a list with Facebook help .

Take the next step and take action

Choose whatever method you want or all and test your own business standards. The power of email marketing requires the creation of an address list and this problem has been attempted analyze in this article.

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