5 track statistics in campaigns

If you send a newsletter and do not check the statistics in statistics, then you lose basic shipping information. You will not know what response it had to the recipients. How many opened it? Did they join the link? Have they made a purchase?

To answer these questions and find out if your emails help your business, checking your stats is of the utmost importance. It is the key to your success, your strategy and outlines the next steps that you will follow.

Additionally, statistics will help you identify your clients’ needs to identify the areas you need to improve so email marketing can become effective. In this article we will see 5 points that are important and you need to pay attention.

1) Open rate

In our previous article we made a detailed reference to the open rate ) , what is it, how we measure it and how we can improve it. In short, it is the number of unique recipients to the total recipients who opened your message. This index alone can tell us a lot of useful things about your campaign performance, such as whether our topic is effective if the recipient reads it, or even the best times our audience reads the newsletters.

If your percentage is not as high as you would like, there are some steps to improve it. For example, in the subject of email, you should emphasize the urgency of your message, the opportunity, the offer, to make it more attractive. Still, include specific details to describe what the recipients will find in your newsletter. The goal is to get out of the ordinary and persuade your recipients that your content is worth reading and sharing in social media for example.

A low rate may also mean that you do not send them at the right time. Test and find the ideal time. Once you see what works best, stay on it!

2) Trafficability

To see the volume of recipients visiting your page from the email, you should check your site’s traffic statistics. This is especially useful if you want to attract visitors to a specific article that leads to sales, for example.

It’s important to include a Call to Action button in each newsletter so you have a consistent stream on your site. Make sure it is in a separate position and has the appropriate size to be perceived by the reader.

3) Click Through Clicks (CTR)

Click statistics reveal how many and how many times your recipients have clicked on your links. This measure shows what content your subscribers prefer to receive.

Consider the following example: Keep a real estate agency and send a newsletter every week for some properties that deserve public attention. So you have 10 real estate properties in different regions of Athens (Maroussi, Ag. Paraskevi, Egaleo, Ekali, etc.) in your newsletter. At the same time, you have created a link to your website for each property so that the recipient can read more about the property that interests him.

So think at the end of the mission to get a statistical analysis through EmailSYSTEM, which will show you what property most clicks . It is very important information because you can see where your recipients click, what your audience is interested in. You can see trends, you can see reactions. Of course this element is not a criterion, it definitely needs repetitions to be sure, but it gives you a direction. You are not walking blindly!

If you find that your subscribers open your email but do not click on the links, you can do the following. Separate them by groups and send personalized email to each group.

You could also highlight your popular articles, new ebooks as well as exclusive offers. And we will repeat, TESTING for the types of content that brings the best results. Each list has different requirements.

4) Deletions

A large percentage of deletions from your list may discourage you but you should see WHY they are deleted. This will allow you to attract them back or at least not lose others in the future.

When someone clicks the delete link, include a question on the delete page that asks for the reason. See if you send so often that it bothers users or if your content is no longer relevant to them. As you receive this information, locate the weak point in your email marketing strategy and improve it.

5) Delivery Guarantee

If you find that the opening rate is abnormally low and most of your emails end up in the unwanted ones, then there may be a question to be investigated. There are many factors that affect the delivery of an email and we mention them below:


  • The email address you set as a sender must exist and work normally! Be careful not to make a typographical error.


  • The deletion link from the group is mandatory.

  • Specify in a clear way who is sending the email. The recipient must recognize you!


  • Avoid confusing email titles.

  • Send quality content.

  • Ships at regular intervals (at least one per month).

Κάντε εγγραφή στο newsletter μας για να λαμβάνετε πρώτοι έξυπνες ιδέες και πρακτικές για αποτελεσματικότερο email marketing.

Κατανοώ και αποδέχομαι ότι η φόρμα αυτή συλλέγει το email μου αποκλειστικά για την αποστολή ενημερωτικών emails. Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες Πολιτική προστασίας προσωπικών δεδομένων

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