Is it illegal to buy email addresses to broaden the target audience?

We’ve said it and we have rewritten it repeatedly, we are delighted with it and we are supporters of the philosophy that buying a ready list email will in any way cause you great harm . :

1) It is illegal.

2) It is abusive.

3) It is the cause and cause of repeated complaints.

4) It is a reason to stop our cooperation.

Those who make their first steps in email marketing are turning to the ready solution of buying multiple email addresses, simply because less effort, time, cost and energy is needed than to make a list of ours from the beginning . From time to time, there are promotional emails that prompt you to buy 100 thousand “good”, “Greek” email, with just 40 and 50 euros. This monetary cost is clearly and negligibly ahead of the “benefit” you will get from a ready list of potential customers.

The rationale is clear: “the more emails we send, the greater the target audience, the more potential customers, so even more sales”. This is the simplified interpretation of 9 in 10 cases that buy email lists.

But why is it illegal to buy email addresses without the consignee’s consent? Following the Law 2472/1997 in Article 11 (1) of Law 3471/2006 “Unsolicited communication” facsimile or e-mail, and in general the making of unsolicited communications by any means of electronic communication, with or without human intervention for the purpose of direct marketing of products or services and for any kind of advertising purposes, allowed only if the subscriber expressly consents explicitly . Personal Data Protection Authority adds “In other words, any email sent to you without your prior explicit consent, that is, any spam message, is illegal”. So what’s illegal?

1) Buying an email list without the consent of the recipient is possession of personal data without consent and is illegal.

2) Selling a list by email is despicable and substantive has been previously convicted of such practices by the Personal Data Protection Authority .

The legal leg is therefore capital and paramount, but it seems that many people leave it to the bottom with the excuse that “I receive dozens of promotional emails every day without having given my approval. Has she ever done anything?” This is a reality, we do not adopt it, we do not adopt it, but we have to mention it if we carry it on our prospective clients all the time!

We rewrite it and emphasize it.

Before deciding to send thousands of emails to recipients who have never asked to receive mail from you, consider the legal implications you may have .

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