10 ways to segment your email list

Some of the questions we often ask are “what else can we do to get a increase the open rate of our email ? How can we make our newsletter better and more efficient? “In this article we will discuss one of the best ways to launch email marketing, segment segmentation >. In short, you should split your teams with some criteria, with a reasoning rather than using a mailing list, a bulk group with thousands of emails.

Many people think that either they have a team with 30,000 email or 10 groups with 3,000 emails are the same. Clearly, if there is no rationale for segmentation, there is no need to separate them. Others believe that all this work is excessive, time consuming and sometimes even insubstantial. It’s not like this!

Separating and classifying your recipients and sending relevant content according to the group they belong to is an excellent strategy . Note : We mention the word strategy because you will create a plan in which you will send different emails to your recipients. Some may receive your email one and two times a day, others once a month, and others once a semester. Different subjects and matter must be prepared each time because gravity is separate.

Below we will see 10 segmentation suggestions on your list, taking specific criteria into consideration.


  1. Age

In most cases our customer base varies widely with age. This finding makes separation by age necessary. We understand that age classification is one of the most difficult ways, but one of the most cost-effective. Ask yourself how different the 18-25 ages are with those of 38-45.


  1. Gender

Another way of separating is to distinguish your subscribers, both men and women. Your products or services may be different for each gender. We want to be sure that our campaign will reach the right audience.


  1. Work Position

A secretary in accounting would be interested in wholesale agricultural machinery sales? Probably not! If you have the job-profession information for your subscribers, then you have the unique opportunity to sort your list based on this data. Different interests are lawyers from engineers or doctors.


  1. Business

If your services or products are business to business (B2B), that is business-to-business, segmentation by industry would benefit. If you have a printing company you could send a specific offer to hotels for renewal of their printed material and a different but specific offer to pharmacies. Diversity shows many times and specialization !


  1. Purchase History

The sales record is a very important advisor in dividing our customers according to their preferences. For example, if someone has bought an espresso machine in the past, it is almost certain that in the future we will be interested in our offer of spare coffee capsules.


  1. Top Buyers

Customers who often buy from you deserve special attention. Whether this is a simple thank you message or an exclusive offer, it is a good idea to have them individually grouped together.


  1. Responding to surveys

If you are conducting a survey – questionnaire, there will be a field asking if the user is interested in a particular product and future offers. These customers should be in their own team. So, when a new product comes out, they will be automatically updated and you will know that they will greatly respond positively to your newsletter message.


  1. Mail Schedule

It has happened many times that you have created a stylish email but notice that it does not appear properly in email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Gmail. You can make a group and name it GMAIL, where you’ll have all the contacts that use gmail.com to read mail. By viewing the specialized formatting rules required by Gmail, you’ll be sending emails that will always look right. Read our article on Optimizing Newletters to Look Everywhere Right .


  1. Referrals

What’s beautiful than sending a thank you message or an offer to customers who have suggested your services to others in their circle. So encourage them to continue to suggest and spread positive impressions about your company.


  1. Online customers – physical store

If your business combines a physical store with an online presence, it is good to separate the customers who are visiting you naturally with those they buy from the internet. To attract shop visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, a simple but very cost effective way is to prepare a small registration brochure and give it to fill in the cashier. More thoroughly read our article on ways to increase subscribers to your list .

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